Skin cancer is the most dangerous disease and this caused a lot of dead. The skin cancer is mainly related to the amount and intensity of ultraviolet rays received from the sun. This was the serious issues in early stages, but nowadays the best way to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays is sunscreen cream.   The regular use of sunscreen cream will help to protect the skin from UV rays emitted from the sun. Before choosing the sunscreen creams some of the important things to be noted. They are:

  • For normal skin: People with normal skin have fewer problems only. Because the skin does not contain excess oil, looks so soft and clean and has healthy texture, so normal skin people can choose cream-based sunscreen. If you feel oily, just use the tissue paper to remove the oil.
  • For oily skin: People having oily skin face lots of problems. These people have spots of facial oil, around nose, cheeks, and foreheads. The oily face normally looks thick, greasy, coarse and shiny and also has large pores and having lots of pimples. The suitable sunscreen cream for Oil Skin is gel or aqua based cream. This will give dry effect and does not make the skin look oily.
  • For dry skin: People having dry skin look so dry. The dry skin is very sensitive and has a low level of serum. The dry skin person feels very tight and uncomfortable after washing. So the moisturizing and lotion type sunscreen is effective for this dry skin people.

The main thing is thickness is required to protect the skin from UV rays. So always choose the thick sunscreen cream for Oil Skin.

How to apply the sunscreen cream?

The sunscreen cream is normally applied at least 10-20 minutes before going outside. It requires drying the cream all over the body.  After 2 hours, you should reapply the cream when exposed to the sun lights. Apply 15 minutes once when you are on the beach. Wash your face with normal water or clean your face with a tissue before reapplying the cream.

Kinds of sunscreen

There are various kinds of sunscreens are available today. Some of them are sprays, lotions, sunblocks, wipes and powders, water-proof sunscreens, gels, hypo-allergic sunscreens, etc. Some of the cosmetic products are also available as sunscreens like compact powders, foundations, lip balms, bronzers, etc.

Causes of sun rays

  • High exposure of sun may cause the dead cells in the skin and leads to form the acne.
  • Sun exposure may also damage the hair; it may cause the hair to fall and dry hair.
  • Lots of black spots are formed and dry the face skin.
  • Acne gets redness and excess sun exposure leads to increase pimples.
  • Darken the skin color and dry the skin which causes some allergic reactions.

Sunscreen is the most important things in the daily beauty routine. It helps to avoid the skin from the harmful UR rays emitted from the sun.  So try to use the best Sunscreen cream for Oil Skin and make your skin glow. Safe your beautiful face from the harmful UR rays by using the sunscreens.