Digital health id card registration is the first step toward getting an ID card. The Digital Health ID card is being implemented as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission, a nationwide initiative that aims to digitise all medical records in India. 

What is a Digital Health ID Card?

A digital health ID card is a digitally-secured card that allows healthcare professionals to access and share your personal health information. In order to receive the card, you must provide your aadhaar number and a valid mobile phone number. 

The digital health ID card is a great way to keep your records up to date. Your records are kept online, and doctors can access them anytime they need to. You can also use this to track the progress of your treatment. If you have an Ayushman Bharat Health Card, you can access your health records wherever you go.

How to Apply for Online Health ID Card

Your health ID can be created online using basic information, your Aadhaar number and your mobile number. This digital ID card will link all of your health records in a single place and will enable you to interact with verified health professionals and service providers online. You can also use your health ID to access medical prescriptions. 

Digital health ID cards are free to use and can be obtained easily. To obtain one, you need to use a mobile application or a website. To download the health ID card, you need to provide your mobile number and Aadhaar number. Once you have your credentials, you can then log in to your account. You can also select the option to deactivate or delete your health ID, which is temporary.

Benefits of Digital Health ID Card


  • Protects your health records and helps you get care easily

Digital health ID cards can help protect your health records. They also make finding doctors in your area easier. Your card will tell you who’s nearby and who’s best suited to treat your health conditions. 


  • Single point of storage

A Digital health ID card is designed to be a central repository for health information. It will store information such as past medical conditions, diagnoses, and treatments. 


  • No scope of errors

This card will serve as your unique identification in the digital health care system. It contains your health history, previous medical tests, and a 14-digit number. This unique number allows medical practitioners to trace your medical history. 


  • Avoids duplication

With this card, you can track your medical history and avoid duplicate care. This card can be used to access health care services and receive medication. 


  • Easy to use and share

You will also be able to share health data with medical facilities and physicians. This makes digital health ID cards easier to use and can help improve the quality of healthcare in India.

Conclusion –

Eka Care Health ID is a new way for healthcare providers to share patient data and information. The platform has worked with ABDM and the government to provide ABHA Numbers for citizens. It also provides discharge summaries, allowing doctors and health providers to communicate with patients in an entirely digital format.

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