Dallas, TX – Sept. 20, 2017 – Truth Prep owner and coach, Tom Rutherford, announced that he’s moving to the Extreme Iron Pro Gym, effective Oct. 1, 2017. The new location is at 17390 Preston Rd., Suite 360 in North Dallas, TX.

“Truth Prep provides full contest prep, personal training and nutritional planning for all ages, goals and ability levels based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area and surrounding communities, as well as serving worldwide clients with online capabilities,” said Rutherford.

The relocation of Truth Prep to the new state-of-the-art gym provides Rutherford and his clients with a positive atmosphere, as well as the equipment necessary to stay injury free and build championship and functional physiques. The gym is immaculately cleaned by professionals twice daily for optimal hygiene, features free towel service, and sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer is available at multiple locations.

All equipment and machines are serviced bi-monthly for the highest level of safety. It provides clients and competitors of all ages with the convenient location they deserve while working with Rutherford, who is a highly motivated and caring coach.

Truth Prep specializes in full contest prep, including NPC contest prep, encompassing every facet of competition from creating the optimal physique and where athletes should focus their attention while on stage to perfecting their pose.

Music and choreography is included to prepare contestants for what they’ll encounter during competition. When a minimum of five competitors can be scheduled at the same time, local national-level judges from the DFW area will host a practice session for posing.

Each fitness and competition training program is customized to accommodate the needs of the individual. Clients receive a nutritional plan that will help them attain their optimal competition physique quickly and safely. Truth Prep offers a full range of services and individuals don’t have to be competitors to benefit from the training and guidance provided by Rutherford.

In-person and online training videos provide a support network to help each individual attain their competition and fitness goals. Online training can be accessed 24/7 when it’s most convenient for the individual. Clients can communicate with Rutherford by text, email, phone and Facetime whether they’re at home or at a competition.

The relocation of Truth Prep to its new location within the Extreme Iron Pro Gym at 17390 Preston Rd., Suite 360 in North Dallas enables the company to expand its offerings and provide clients of all ages with an enhanced level of services, fitness and competition training.

About Tom Rutherford

Tom Rutherford is the coach and owner of Truth Prep, providing individuals with a safe and healthy exercise program for weight loss, body sculpting and competition, serving Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Rutherford holds a BS, CICPT and WITS and has been training for over 17 years. He has Special Education and Personal Trainer Certifications from the Cooper Institute and the prestigious World Instructor Training School. He’s the author of “Bodybuilding on a Budget.”

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