Social netball is a great opportunity to play team sports with friends, work colleagues, and even complete strangers. Various leagues are appearing throughout London, with both ladies and mixed teams getting together to train and play netball.

Not only is this a great way to keep in shape, but also a fantastic chance to get out and socialise with your fellow teammates and opponents. There is plenty of fun to be had playing social netball, as well as healthy dose of competition to keep you motivated, so it’s little surprise it continues to grow in popularity.

Looking to take part in social netball in London? Check out this guide for everything you need to know!

Finding a Social Netball League

Social netball is becoming very popular in London, resulting in various organisations starting their own competitive leagues. This is great for any new players, as there is a great selection of leagues that you can join!

A good idea is to check for leagues taking part near to your home or workplace, as these will be the most convienent to travel to. However, you may have friends or work colleagues already part of a league, so be sure to ask for recommendations, or simply head online and do check all the leagues running in London.

Each league takes care of pretty much everything. They arrange each fixture you play, including umpires, equipment, and the venue.

How to join

You have two options when it comes to social netball – register as a team or as an individual. Registering as part of a team is great if you and several of your friends are interested in playing social netball in London, although entering as an individual is certainly an option too.

If you and a few friends want to play but don’t have enough people to form a team, you can request to play together as part of a team organised by the league.

In terms of registering, it’s just a case of selecting the league you wish to play in, paying your registration fees, and then showing up for training and games!

How much does it cost?

Prices vary from league to league, but the average price per person for an entire season is around £80 to £100. This typically covers all the costs associated with your team, including bibs, equipment, and hiring the umpire.

Payment usually happens prior to the season starting, so once it’s paid you just need to worry about winning your games!

Do I need to be an experienced netball player?

Not at all! Social netball is designed for players of any level, including complete beginners. This is great for most people that haven’t played netball in some time – many haven’t played since high school!

Should your team want to get more serious competition, there are usually various levels you can enter depending on your skills. It’s always a good idea to play your first league season at the basic level, as it lets you readjust to playing or get some experience as a beginner.