To know how to take care of hair with highlights, there is nothing better than following professional tips that help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair and avoid lice that cab be treated by lice doctors. Among the guidelines is to dilute the shampoo in a pot with water and moisturize the hair once a week. For scalp exfoliation, the suggestion is to use crystal sugar, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

Taming the locks is not always an easy task. Especially now with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, where many beauty salons are closed by local governments’ determination to contain the pandemic. But know that it is possible, even at home during quarantine, to take care of your hair. A dermatologist teaches 5 tips to take care of at home and maintain the health and beauty of wires during quarantine. Check it out:

1- Exfoliate Your Scalp

It is possible to exfoliate the scalp at home or in Fort Myers and Naples lice treatment for example, removing dead cells and helping to renew the hair. For this, use granulated sugar, apple cider vinegar, and honey. Prepare a scrub with these ingredients and exfoliate your scalp. It is indicated mainly for wires with a tendency to flake.

2- Use Cotton Towels To Wrap Your Hair After Washing

Using cotton fabrics to wrap your hair generates less friction to reduce frizz. Always use natural fabric towels over synthetic ones. This helps the scalp “breathe”, as synthetic fabrics harm the skin’s breathing.

3- Avoid Frequent Use Of Brushes And Flat Irons

Despite the need for this procedure in some cases, the high temperatures of the flat iron and dryer damage the hair strand and cause frizz after use. So, when using it on a special occasion, don’t forget to use a thermal protector cream. Flat iron and dryer use often damage the wire and, over time, become brittle, dull, tending to worsen frizz due to excess electrostatic radiation, also causing an increase in split ends.

4- Dilute The Shampoo In A Pot With Water

This one, few know. In winter, dilute the shampoo in a pot with water before applying it. This detail makes the difference in not leaving the hair dry or impregnated with the product; it leaves the strands looser and does not harm the natural nutrition of the strands.

5- Moisturize Your Hair Once A Week

If you don’t want to use industrialized moisturizers, the best homemade recipes are coconut oil, almond oil, aloe vera, and natural yogurt. Apply, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse.