Nowadays, more and more women turn to hair styling to communicate their fashion statement and improve their overall look. This expression of creativity is more and more embraced by the millenials, with the new approach to inventive hair dyeing methods and proliferating salon processes.

From simple trimming, to hair straightening products and curlers, to dying methods such as lifting, washout bleaching, balayage and split dyes – the possibilities are endless.

However, as these chemicals penetrate the follicles and settle into hair roots, damage becomes visible. Unfortunately, some of the products available in the market to lessen damages like frizzing, hair loss, dryness, and coarseness aren’t that effective at all.

With a good routine of hair care and using the best sulfate free conditioner; hair health can be restored, with a great amount of bounce and volume.

Here are the reasons why sulphate free conditioners are the answer to hair damage:

Reduces Scalp Irritation

Sulfate free conditioners eliminate chances of experiencing scalp irritation, itchiness, and redness after shampooing.

This is well-suited for dye-hards (pun intended) with sensitive skin, which verifies the notion that sulphate based shampoos are the most common culprit of scalp irritation. This is primarily because sulfate strips off the natural oil which protects the scalp.

Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are much gentler on the scalp. In fact, people who are prone to dry scalp or eczema generally claim better results are observed with them using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

Combats Frizz and Promotes Moisture Retention

People who have dry or combination hair may sometimes experience frizziness after shampooing with a product that contains sulfates. This makes the hair prone to tangles, thus making it hard to comb.

The best sulfate free conditioners have better results, retaining moisture which makes the hair soft, supple, and bouncy. It alleviates chances of breakage, frizz, and splitting of hair ends.

Preserves color brilliance longer

Sulfate strips the hair, both in terms of natural components and color. For that reason, many shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for color-treated hair may be sulfate free.

Having the best sulfate free conditioners in everyday hair care regime saves you from having too much salon appointments to have your hair re-colored. Less expenditure, less damage.

Improves the overall beauty of the hair

Unlike other conditioners, the sulphate free conditioners does not leave hair flat, dull, and lifeless-looking.

Sulfate free conditioners care best for color-treated and curled hair, avoiding frizz, coarseness, tangling, and breakage.

The natural ingredients combined within its formula keep the hair’s lustre, health, volume, and flexibility.

Wyeth Sanders is a professional hairstylist since 2001. She has been always abreast with the best products to use with her clients.