In 2020, there was a major change in the way that people stayed fit. Instead of going to the gym, they started working out at home. There were $2.3 million in sales of at-home exercise equipment.

The new trends in exercise all have to do with affordability and at-home exercise. Treadmills and stationary bikes have always been popular. Now rebounders are becoming popular. Why?

Would you like to know what people love about the home trampoline? Keep reading to find out.

What You Need to Know About Rebounding

Rebounding is exactly what it sounds like – it’s jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline. It is designed for balance and is sturdy enough for adults to use.

People love that they are easy to store and they are fun to use. There are many more benefits though.

Affordable at Home Exercise

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive exercise equipment. When the gyms shut down during the pandemic, many people had to find a way to exercise at home. What could they buy that wouldn’t be too expensive?

Rebounders are the perfect solution for those who are on a budget. They are inexpensive and once you start using them, you’ll find they are a lot of fun and easy to use. You don’t even need special classes to get started.

Rebounding Builds Strength

You can build core strength by doing a workout on your rebounder. It’s perfect for any exercise that you would normally do on a mat while on all fours. A Rebounder that includes a balance bar helps you develop strength in exercises that you do from a standing position. This can also help develop core muscles and it keeps you safe.

Create Pelvic Floor Strength

For women, pelvic floor strength becomes increasingly important as they get older. With each jump on a rebounder, the landing forces the body to pull up, building more strength for the pelvic floor.

This is great for women who are in postpartum and want to regain bladder control. As women get older, this is also a concern.

Get a Cardio Workout with Rebounders

It’s easy to work up a sweat and get the heart pumping when you’re jumping up and down and having fun on a trampoline. It’s easy to forget that you’re working out and not just having fun.

You can make workouts even more rigorous by following different routines. You’ll get aerobic exercise and strengthen core muscle groups at the same time.

Rebounding is Beneficial for the Lymphatic System

The effects of gravity and the way your muscles contract when you’re jumping on a trampoline encourages lymphatic drainage. Blood and the vessels have a track to guide movement but the lymphatic system doesn’t.

By jumping on a rebounder, you give your lymphatic system a boost through the circulation of lymph fluids.

Easy Exercise is Exercise You’ll Keep Doing

If exercise is too hard to do, most people won’t keep it up. When you choose an exercise routine that is fun and simple, like jumping on rebounders, you’re more likely to keep it up. Rebounders are an ideal workout choice.

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