2-Fluorodeschloroketamine also known as 2-FDCK by many is an analogue of ketamine and a synthetic dissociative. The product is usually used by recreational users for its dissociative effect. It gives the users a feeling of being out of their bodies which makes it a popularly sought-after drug. The hallucinogenic effects of the chemical make it a potent drug for those who prefer to feel high every once in a while. This is probably the reason why the substance is termed as illegal in Latvia and faces a blanket ban in countries like Canada and the UK.

Pharmacological Use

Since the substance has not had a lot of research undertaken over it, it is very difficult to point out exact pharmacological uses for it. However, there are some experts who are recommending certain usage and dosage purely based on its chemical formula.

The substance can be used as a potent NMDA receptor antagonist and stops the passing of signals between neurons in the brain and spinal column. They close the receptors which stops the passage of these signals. What this basically does is that it creates a loss of feeling and causes difficulty in moving. This then creates that out of the body hallucination which can be something like a K-hole where disconnection from visual input create holes and voids. This makes a person feel detached and being distant from their own senses.

Effects of Using 2-FDCK

Like mentioned earlier there is a dearth in research on the subject. However, there have been some sample studies conducted that have helped experts identify some effects that the substance can induce. Although the effects listed here are highly subjective, it can be fair to say that all of these will not occur when the substance is taken in lower dosages. But if the dosage is high, then it is more likely to induce the entire range.

For better understanding the experts have divided the effects caused by the substance in 3 broad categories.

  • Physical effects

The substance affects the physical abilities of a person and can cause dizziness, nausea, physical euphoria, and even motor control loss. The substance also has the ability to cause spatial disorientation, tactile suppression and orgasm suppression.

  • Cognitive effects

The substance has the capability to impact the cognitive abilities of a person when taken in the right dosage. It can cause anxiety suppression, conceptual thinking, dream potentiation, cognitive euphoria, and time distortion. While on one hand it is also known to create a feeling of déjà vu in the subjects, on the other it can cause memory suppression.

  • Other effects

This category will include the visual and auditory effects the substance can cause. When taken in lower dosage it causes a double vision. However, if the dosage is increased it can cause a complete visual disconnection. It is also known to cause hallucinations and consciousness disconnection which can impact the behaviour of a person.


Due to extremely brief history of human use experts advise to use harm reduction practices to anyone who chooses to use 2-FDCK.