The motive of hair transplantation is about restoring the natural hair back into the affected balding part of the scalp. The procedure is allowed for both men and women and one can get their own hair back without even a single chance of side effects or discomfort. The hair transplant procedure is the best plastic & cosmetic surgeries that have a goal of giving the utmost natural hairline with the best undetectable effect. The surgeries are allowed for both men and women as the procedure is safe and effective for both the genders.

These days, the procedure of hair transplant has mass appeal in India and one can get the facilities of the affordable hair transplant cost in Jaipur and Delhi. The procedural benefits started with the regrowth of hair that automatically achieves the natural hairline pattern if implanted in the same fashion by the expert surgeon.

In this article, we are mentioning the hair transplant procedure with the view of their feature that adds advantages for both the genders: –

  1. It gives you the Natural Hair Back:

It gives natural hair back from the patient’s own body and one can receive the original effect of the hair growth. The hair loss problem is associated with the hairless appearance that is known as the baldness in men and severe hair thinning in women. As a matter of fact, the pattern baldness affects both men and women, but the state of total baldness is only seen in men with the different grade of Norwood baldness. On the other hand, the women show the pattern baldness that is rated on the Ludwig scale has three different grades that show the extent of hair thinning in the different format. Thanks to advanced hair transplant procedure that gives you natural hair back by re-growing of the original hair.

  1. It meets the Aesthetic requirement of the Procedure:

The procedure has the main goal to achieve the aesthetic need and hence the making of hairline design and slit creation has a very important role in the procedure. One can achieve the natural hairline design if the performing surgeon meets the aesthetic criteria of the procedure. The expert sense to create the natural hairline design can be marked through the targeted angle and direction for the root shifting. One must have précised artistic skills to follow the natural hair root shifting that ultimately gives the desired aesthetic beauty via the natural implantation of the grafts.

  1. One can re-achieve their natural looks & beauty: The procedure of hair restoration allows the hair loss patients to re-achieve their original aesthetic beauty back by the regrowth of hair into the affected balding part of the scalp. The balding areas of the scalp or the facial part, i.e., eyebrows, beard or moustache needs care and concern with respect to the hair growth, however, the procedure has aesthetic value and must be received from the expert hair transplant surgeon or Doctor. Men receive the procedure to cover the respective balding part of the scalp, whereas, women receive the procedure in order to sort out the issue of a wider forehead, extreme hair thinning problem and also needs the procedure to get back aesthetic beauty and natural appeal.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is applied to regenerate the hair growth from the areas where it is lost and one can get the natural appeal ones again if it has been aesthetically performed by the expert hair transplant surgeon.