Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an efficient strategy to women and men struggling with hair thinning. Either being an on-the-place treatment or in conjunction with a surgical hair restoration or in conjunction with hair thinning medications. SMP simulates the look of a shaved mind together with her. It is also employed for scarring camouflage and could be utilized in many hair thinning illnesses to boost the look and self-confidence of the baby. This non-invasive treatment immediately results, requires little maintenance and offers completely natural searching results.

Many people from the HeadPower Clinic teams have gone through SMP and also have a great belief in treatment like a effective approach to giving the look of a mind with shaved hairs. We’ve developed we’ve got the technology and therefore are constantly searching to help refine our techniques to deliver existence-altering leads to our customers.

SMP offers an alternative choice to traditional hair restoration methods while offering that option to individuals who aren’t good hair surgery candidates, but want the feel of a shaved mind, or who’re not thinking about a surgical option. Additionally, it offers us the opportunity to treat severe cases for example scars as well as alopecia Universalis, which could have profound effects for that self-esteem of the individual.

What’s Mind Skin Micropigmentation?

Frequently considered an easy tattoo procedure, SMP is really a classy treatment according to highly specialized tattooing. It should be done by a very qualified physician and offers an amazing natural searching simulation of the shaved mind filled with hair once the treatment methods are done by the best person.

For patients with Alopecia Androgenetics, male hair loss (MPB), SMP offers an effective cosmetic solution. Whatever the hair thinning phase where the patient is based on the Norwood scale, we are able to reinstate your hairs towards the lower hairs loss phase of your liking, with the look of a brief shaven haircut.

Scalp Micropigmentation Results

The specialized equipment and needles that this method is conducted are a lot better than the standard tattoo utilized in general Which is also not essential to use the pigment as deeply in to the skin as necessary along with other ways of tattooing. With various ink pigments offered at our disposal, we are able to perfectly copy your natural hair color making a seamless mix with your personal hair.

Our experience in surgical hair restoration along with other types of hair thinning treatments provide us with a jump to understand facial variations, bone structure, creating natural hairlines that arrange the face area and provide it a young appearance.

SMP addresses lots of people who don’t want to undergo surgical restoration treatment. A hairline could be produced to appear completely natural having a slight amount of pigment build-as much as create the look of a greater hair density, searching no beyond natural appearance of a shaved mind with hair. We are able to enhance the SMP within our own hairs or blend utilizing a hair surgery to offer the most effective natural results.