Introduction: During pregnancy blood pressure increases, body temperature is very high. They may also include morning sickness, bad smell, dry heaving, etc.

Pregnancy symptoms:

  1. High blood pressure during pregnancy– High blood pressure is there during early pregnancy, especially during exercise and in a hot atmosphere. It is always suggested to drink plenty of water.
  2. Fatigue during pregnancy– Fatigue develops during early pregnancy in which the person feels very sleepy as progesterone level gets soared. Taking proper sleep is always suggested as the body gets exhausted very fast during thefirst trimester of pregnancy.
  3. Increase heart rate –During early pregnancy heart rate is faster, mainly due to hormones.
  4. Early changes in breasts– There are changes in breasts size, mainly due to hormones.
  5. Mood swings during pregnancy– Due to progesterone and estrogen level in the body which become high in pregnancy leads to mood swings. Mood swings are much observed in pregnancy. Also, there are depression and anxiety due to mood swings in pregnancy.
  6. Frequent urination-In pregnancy amount of blood increases which causes the kidney to produce more fluid inside the bladder, which causes frequent urination. It is always suggested to drink plenty of water.
  7. Constipation– Bloating occurs during pregnancy which slows downthe digestive system,causingbloating.
  8. Morning sickness– Morning sickness which usually happens in early pregnancy. It can occur anytime due to hormonal changes. It is suggested to eat saltine crackers before getting up in the morning. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.
  9. Smell sensitivity – smell sensitivity happens during early pregnancy causing vomiting.
  10. Weight Gain– Due to changes in hormones, diet causes weight gain in pregnancy. They are mainly due to hormonal changes.
  11. Heart Burn-Heartburn creates a valve between stomach and esophagus, which makes stomach acid to increase, leading to acidity. Taking small meals in place of one large meal is always suggested.
  12. Pregnancy glow- Due to increase in blood pressure, it causes oil gland of the body to work more, which makes the skin beautiful and glow.
  13. Food Carvings- Food carvings take place throughout pregnancy.
  14. Back Pain- During pregnancy, there is pain lower back
  15. Swollen feet and ankles- Due to pressure from the uterus, may cause circulation of blood in veins and legs, causing swollen feet and ankles.
  16. Shortness of breath- As the uterus becomes large, it expands,andit becomes difficult to breathe.

Conclusion – To keep weight under balance it is always suggested to do exercise and take control diet. Flat shoes should be worn and not the heel ones. TheLiftingof pressure should not be there. Always try to sleep on a mattress which is flat and firm. Appropriate sleep is required to prevent stress. Small and regularmeals in place of one large meal.Plenty of water needs to be taken to avoid dehydration. Healthy snacks are suggested in place of junk food, as sufficient nutrients are required. A fiber-richdiet is essential for the body. Pregnancy is the beautiful moment in one’s life.

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