In today’s world, hiit workouts are known as the latest trend. But do you know its actual meaning? It has been determined that the important element of the intensity is the workout or the exerci<se, so it is important for you to have the information on it. Under most guidelines, moderate-intensity exercise is recommended in regular weeks. But, on the other hand, working high-intensity exercises help you burn calories, save time with the short periods of the workout, and raise your fitness level.

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Methods to measure the intensity of exercise

Have you known how you work at the vigorous or high-intensity level? If you do not see the way or the method, then there are many ways to monitor how it works. So let us dive more into the methods to measure exercise intensity.

  • Talk test: If you are working for the vigorous-intensity level under this method, then you have to be breathless and only capable of saying the same words at the time.
  • Perceived exertion: According to the perceived exertion chart, this method can determine how you feel when you do high-intensity exercise. There is a level of around 8-9 of high intensity. According to the determination of studies, the perceived exertion ratings are related to the working of the heart rate. It means that if the perceived exertion rate is high, there is more chance of an increased heart rate.
  • Maximum percentage of the heart rate: Under this method, you can easily calculate the target rate of the heart zone by using the heart rate monitor. In this way, you can calculate your heart rate. For example, if you want to work with hiit workouts, you would easily stay between 80 to 90% of the maximum heart rate.

Benefits of the high-intensity exercise

  • The physical activity guidelines of 2018 suggest that you have to do a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout every week or vigorous-intensity exercise for a minimum of 75 weeks a week, but how much you do depends on your fitness goals and your levels.
  • It is good to work through the intensity levels to tap into the various energy systems and the workout to your body in different ways.
            • More levels than the hiit workouts lead to burnout or the over leads of the injuries, so it is suggested not to do this exercise every day.
  • Beginning with interval training, intense exercise is a good way to achieve your body to the hiit workouts in the manageable bites.



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