Have you had the thought of entering into a soulful experience of Ayahuasca? Did you ever think that it might be dangerous for you to intake it? If yes then all your concerns are quite natural and normal.

Any person who might be going to intake a substance that is almost near to a drug might naturally get negative and second thoughts about that thing. However, a majority of the people have reported positive experiences and good memories after the intake of this drug.

The scientists are still in a state of confusion as to whether this drug is good or bad for the body and mind.

The Experience of Ayahuasca 

Ayahuasca is made by combining two plants that have chemicals that can cause altered psychological states.

A person who wants to consume this drink must have a great degree of patience and strong willpower to heal all the issues and move towards growth.

The word “patience” is mentioned because after a few minutes of consumption the drink might show side effects that are severe to moderate. However, there for sure are certain effects.

These effects might range from hallucinations to a great amount of vomiting. It might also lead to nausea and a misconception of perception. The effect may be prevalent for about 4-6 hours.

One must ensure that they are with reliable and trusted people while consuming such a substance.

Before intaking Ayahuasca Drug

Ayahuasca has been popular more than ever amongst people. Almost all the people from around the world want to experience its journey once in a lifetime. However, to experience it one must prepare themselves in advance.

If you are thinking of going to a retreat and attending a ceremony of Ayahuasca then you must by yourself ensure that there is an experienced and skilled healer who is guiding and supervising, you throughout the process.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that one must avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, or any such item that impacts their body and impurifies it. It is said that people should even avoid the practice of sex before attending a ceremony for Ayahuasca.

In terms of diet, one must shift to vegetarianism or veganism. The reason being that it keeps the body pure and clean.

Is the Ayahuasca Drink safe to consume?

No drink that alters our state of mind is safe to drink. However, the Ayahuasca is more on the safer side. One just has to look at all the pros and cons before consuming it.

The side effects that one experiences are just a small bump in the road. One must not get scared or worried regarding this. In the end, you would achieve what you want to if you complete the task with full dedication.

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