Clenbuterol is one of the best drugs that most bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities use. This is because of its extended half-life. Clenbuterol acts as a stimulant where it can boost energy and increase metabolism at the same time. According to studies, Clen has the ability to increase the body’s core temperature.

This drug has been very popular not only to athletes and bodybuilders but even to regular gym-goers because of its results with rapid weight loss. Even celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Victoria Beckham, were hooked to the weight-loss effects of this drug. But before you get one for yourself, study the drug first. Know its mechanism of action, how it works and the proper dosage and frequency of use.


According to studies, the Clenbuterol half-life is 28 to 36 hours. Its active life has reached 2 to 3 days after the oral administration. Clenbuterol detection time is between 4 to 5 days after you take it. However, it’s detectable in the bloodstream for 48 hours. Understanding this information is essential in your cycle for better achievement of your weight loss goals.  If you want to learn more about Clen half-life, you can always visit bodybuilding websites like   

Clenbuterol: The Weight Loss Benefits

Clenbuterol is used by bodybuilders and athletes as a performance-enhancing drug. But those who are aiming to cut some body fat are using this in their cutting cycles. This drug can be used on its own for cutting that extra body fat. It is believed that Clenbuterol can burn fat as effectively as other fat burners like ephedrine.

Some tests have shown that Clenbuterol also helps in muscle retention while decreasing muscle loss. Since this supplement was specifically designed as a bronchodilator, Clen also has some cardiovascular benefits as well. When using Clenbuterol during workouts, this will give you the boost of energy that you need to push your body to the limit by increasing your oxygen intake in the body.

The Legal Status of Clenbuterol

The legal status of Clenbuterol will differ all around the world. When purchasing Clenbuterol in The United States, you need a prescription to purchase this drug. This is commonly used for breathing problems such as asthma. This was not considered as a controlled substance but purchasing online may be considered illegal.

The Basics of Clenbuterol

  • How to Take Clen pills. The best form of Clenbuterol is in its pill form with 20 mcg tablet. It can also available in liquid or nasal spray forms.
  • The best time to take Clenbuterol. Since Clenbuterol has a long half-life, there’s no need to split the dosage. But those who decide to divide the dose will also have a reduces severity of side effects and will gain better results.
  • Clenbuterol Dosage. The dosage will vary on your experience with the drug, your tolerance levels as well as danger. The maximum daily dosage should not exceed 140 mcg for men and 40 mcg for women.

Clenbuterol half-life may not affect the dosage of Clenbuterol but it will affect the way you time your dosage schedules. Make sure that you understand the Clenbuterol half-life before you come up with your own dosage. Side effects are real and you should be careful before you regret it in the end. Always make sure that the benefits will outweigh the risks.