I know most of you had no idea that fake urine actually exists. Well, yes, it does. Not only that, there are different brands in the market and different places you can buy it from, even though online is your best bet. In all honesty, getting a hold of fake pee is not the problem. The problem is getting a hold of good quality fake pee. Most people who look for fake pee usually do so because they need to pass an upcoming drug test, but fake pee is also used for experimental purposes in the lab. So, what one should be looking for in fake pee?

Urine naturally contains different components that labs check for to ensure that the sample they have received is actually from a living being. You should ensure that the fake urine you settle for has uric acid and urea in it. Some samples do not have them yet labs test for these two components whenever they receive a sample for testing. If these components are not in the urine sample, you will definitely fail the drug test.

The next component to look for is creatinine. The concentration of creatinine in your fake urine sample should be at least 15mg/kg otherwise you will be accused of having diluted your urine sample. That means a failed drug test, since everyone will assume that you’ve just cheated on the drug test. In reality, you are cheating, given that you looked for fake pee, but hey, just because you’re cheating doesn’t mean that you have to get caught.

Oh yeah, pH. The pH of urine generally ranges between 4.6 and 8. If the pH of your fake urine is below or above this range, you’re better off discarding it. The pH of normal urine can be slightly off the given range, but I think you’re better safe than sorry. As a rule, don’t take an unnecessary risk while cheating. Just ensure that your sample is as “normal” as they get.

I know you’re already questioning the biology and chemistry you learned in school but hang in there. The next component is huge: specific gravity. (I think we studied gravity in physics but hey, here goes…) Specific gravity takes into account the density and concentration of solutes in your urine sample as compared to water. The range should be between 1.005 and 1.030.

Temperature is a no-brainer. We all know that we pass warm piss, so don’t hand in cold pee when you’ve apparently just came from taking a piss. The temperature should be between 95◦-100◦F or 36◦-37◦C. Relax, the creators of fake pee are awesome. Can you imagine they fit their fake pee with heat activators that give you an indication when the temperature is just right? Awesome, right? Anyway, if yours doesn’t come fitted with this, you can always do it the old-fashioned way. Just warm it with your hands.  

Lastly, ensure that your fake urine gives you the correct color, i.e., the color of normal pee. Your urine shouldn’t contain glutaraldehyde and nitrate. These are used to mask agent products, but can be picked up in a lab test. Well, there you go. Now you know how to choose and buy synthetic urine. Happy shopping folks!