Sometimes the genes you end up with can really cause you distress. Losing hair at an early age cannot really compete with some other serious genetic conditions that affect quality of life. However, it can still be a cause of distress. Like all distressing situations you may face, accepting the presence of this condition is the first positive step you take in dealing with it. You will clear your mind to finding a solution to deal with it.

Thankfully, advances in research have provided various methods that can help you fight hereditary hair loss. These solutions range from hair restoration surgery San Francisco, to changing your diet. Some of the solutions you need to choose from, require long term application as they stem the progression of hair loss. Others provide a permanent solution that will see you deal effectively with the problem once and for all.


Various medical discoveries have helped in the development of medication that help to slow the hair loss. You will find options that you can apply on the scalp or pills that you can swallow. The medication counters the effect of hair loss by targeting the chemical reactions that lead to the condition. This option differs with hair transplant San Francisco in that you have to keep taking the peels or applying the cream.

Once you stop, you will see the hair loss begin again. Other side effects that come with the use of medication can also impair your health. it is important that you talk to your doctor before starting on hair loss medication.


Using diet to control hair loss gives you a natural remedy to the problem. Due to lack of some nutrients, your body is unable to perform functions. Nutritional deficiencies will hinder how generation of required chemicals and cells in the body. Eating foods rich in Vitamin A, iron. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B5, iron and folate leads to a healthy scalp.

Other important nutrients include zinc, Vitamin B7 and proteins should help maintain proper hair growth. Diet rich with vegetables, fruits and lean meat is helpful in prompting healthy growth of hair. You can use this option even after hair restoration surgery San Francisco.

Surgical procedures

A visit to a dermatologist will see you find a lasting solution to your hair loss. If your hair line keeps receding, you can opt for hair transplant San Francisco. This procedure sees the doctor transplant thousands of hair follicles from the back of your head to the front. He or she will follow your natural hairline for a natural look.

This option is permanent as the hair continues to grow as it should with minimal loss. This is good news if you cannot sustain intake of the medication for a long time.  Having an expert do it will ensure no scars are visible. You should find a specialist that has done this procedure countless of time before and who will expertly tack in the follicles such that the scars that may occur remain hidden.