The brain is the organ which controls the whole body. Can you give me an answer to my question? Who are you? I know, your answer will be your name. If I remove the name from you, then who are you? I know, you will think it twice. The actual answer is, you are a body full of memories. If I remove the memories, you won’t even know what is your name. So, it is not possible to ignore the brain.

Give an answer to another question. What you had in breakfast 4 days ago? What you have in lunch 5 days ago? I know, you will not have an answer because you are ignoring your brain. The fact is, with the increasing age, we lose our memory and one day it became scary. If you don’t know these simple answers now, the condition will get worse after 5-10 years.

Here, I have rounded up some of the exercises for your brain. As weight training is required to stay fit. Similarly, brain training is required to make it healthy and alive. Let us check them out.

  • Most of the people use their right hand for doing the things. Change it for tomorrow. Rather than right hand, use the left hand for doing all the things. Be it simple or complex things, use your opposite hand. Trust me, it will directly impact your brain.
  • The phone has become an important part of our lives. Stop relying on your phone, recall the phone numbers in your memory. If it is not possible, learn them but don’t rely on the phones.
  • Another helpful activity for how to train your brain is doing new things. Suppose, you use a particular way of going to the workplace. Try an alternate way. Trust me! You will find new things in your way. So, the way to how to train your brain will become easier.
  • Another thing you can do is, read books on confidence. There is a countless number of books in the market you can also order the books on confidence online. These books on confidence will help you to boost your confidence.

Apart from it, start munching on the food such as grains, vegetables and fruits. These foods are also known as memory foods. In addition to it, try to focus on the things. The more focus will you do, the more strong memory you will get.