Dental crowns have long been the preferred treatment for a range of conditions and the treatment has seen many advances in the past decade, with ceramics that look and feel like the real thing. The process typically involves two separate sessions, and after an impression is taken on the first visit, the crown is then constructed, ready for the attachment. If you are soon to be having porcelain crowns pittsburgh pa fitted, here is a brief rundown of the procedure.

The Initial Examination

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If a tooth is decayed or infected, the dentist Kalaoa HI adept at pediatric dentistry morgantown wv will likely recommend crown treatment, as this keeps the roots of the tooth safe, and by shaping the tooth into a pin, the prosthetic tooth is attached. The dentist would make an appointment for the first phase, which is to prepare the tooth for the crown.

The First Appointment

Your Everton Park‌‌ dentist would explain the procedure and take an impression of the tooth prior to working on it. This impression is then sent to a special laboratory, where they make the crowns, and will be ready in time for the second appointment. The first appointment would include taking dental X-rays to ascertain the health and precise position of the tooth, and once this has been done, the dentist would administer local anaesthetic and begin to shape the tooth. Porcelain is the preferred material for the crown, and the dentist would prepare the tooth for a tight fit, while attaching a temporary crown, which will stay in place until the final appointment.

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The Fitting of the Crown

The temporary crown is first removed and the new crown is inserted a few times, with some slight abrasion to reshape it, until it fits perfectly. Dental cement is used to attach the crown to the tooth, which creates a super strong bond, and after some preparation of the treatment area, the crown is fixed into place. Once in place, the crown should last for many years and should be treated as a normal tooth in terms of cleaning.

Same Day Crown Treatment


Thanks to technology, it is now possible to have the crown treatment in a single session. Rather than using an impression, there is a device that scans the area, and a technician can create the dental crown there and then. Of course, this treatment is only available at certain clinics, and a Google search is the best way to locate a dentist who offers same day crown treatment. This is very convenient, and the single visit might last for a couple of hours, and with the crown in place, you can get on with your life.


If you have just relocated and do not have a regular dentist, a Google search is the best way to locate a nearby clinic. It is important to have regular dental check ups, as any issues will be identified and can be treated. If you have children, make sure they also see the dentist regularly, and with the correct brushing and flossing technique and low sugar diet, their teeth and gums will be strong and healthy.