Work sitting all day, watching movies sprawled on the couch; these postures are not good for the back. Cervical pain, lower back or rather along the spine, if your back is painful, finds our advice and remedies to overcome the pain.

Why do I have Back Pain?

Do not believe that back pain affects only the elderly, everyone can have back pain and at any age. Our back is composed of 244 muscles and 33 vertebrae. Depending on the area where the pain is located, the diagnosis of back pain is not the same. If you have cervical pain, the term to use is cervicalgie, for the lumbar, one speaks of low back pain, the pain in the middle of the back is called back pain and for the lower back, sacrum. When your pain is prolonged in the leg, we talk about sciatica.

A backache often disappears of itself after a few days. If you have pain in the same place for 3 months, it would be better to consult a specialist. Back pain is often mechanical but it can also come from a muscular contracture from a bad posture or a wrong movement. As you look at this website you will find the best option for the same.

How to relieve my Back Pain?

First reflex if you have back pain, apply a heat source hot water bottle or hot cloth on the painful area. If the pain is muscular, this trick will help relax the muscles and relieve you quickly. Another method, take a nice hot bath.

To relieve back pain, a massage with essential oils is a good alternative when the pain is muscular. Of course, when you have back pain, you avoid lifting loads too heavy or doing too violent activities, no roller coaster, you’ll understand.

If the pain does not pass, your doctor will probably prescribe painkillers and plenty of rest. For practitioners of alternative medicine, acupuncture can overcome some back pain. He can refer you to a chiropractor or osteopath to relieve your back pain.

How to prevent Back Pain?

To prevent back pain, there are two essential rules to keep in mind: regular physical activity and attention to your posture.

Good posture starts with not lying down or sitting too long. Do everything to get around regularly, especially if you work eight hours a day sitting. Standing, the good posture is neither too straight nor too arched. It must seem natural to you.

Sitting facing your computer, the first step is to put yourself in the back of your chair, not on the edge. Your eyes must be at the right height, the distance between the screen and your face is measured by stretching your arm. Also, avoid crossing your legs at the risk of poor circulation.

Sports activity is essential to stay in shape and thus avoid having back pain. After each workout, do not forget to stretch and do some relaxation exercises.

Once these two routines are rooted in your daily life, consider offering a good mattress. People with back problems should not let their sleep play tricks on them.