Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM in Singapore, has been a long part of the health and wellness routine of many people. Although western medicine is still the primary go-to, some still incorporate natural and conservative ways and methods of healing, hence, the niche for TCM. Little did people know that traditional Chinese medicine is more than just acupuncture in Singapore. It consists of other practices as well. Here are the practices of traditional Chinese medicine:


Acupuncture is a TCM practice that uses fine needles punctured through the skin to stimulate strategic points of the body. Acupuncture follows the principle of energy flow or Qi. According to Chinese tradition, the body has a natural flow of energy. A blockage or disruption in these energy paths will lead to illnesses. Hence, acupuncture finds these disruption points and unblocks them through stimulation using needles. Acupuncture claims many health benefits, including headache relief, muscle tension release, and reduced stress. There is also acupuncture for fertility, digestive issues, and more.


Cupping therapy is a TCM practice that uses special cups, alcohol or herbs, and fire. Therapists usually light up cotton with alcohol or herbs and place it inside a cup. The fire will heat the cup and remove the oxygen. Once it is finished, the therapist will place the cup on the skin upside down. The cup will then create a vacuum and suction. Sometimes, the suction will draw a few amounts of blood. The cups will remain on the body for three minutes. Cupping therapy claims to treat blood disorders, infertility, high blood pressure, bronchial congestion, and blood disorders. You get cupping therapy from a TCM clinic in Singapore.


Moxibustion uses mugwort root and leaves, a spongy herb, to facilitate healing and boost the effect of acupuncture and cupping therapy. The herb is burnt close to the skin, producing a pungent smoke. Moxibustion claims to heal digestive problems and infertility. A TCM clinic in Singapore offers moxibustion.


Tui Na is a massage that combines acupressure and other massages. Therapists may use ointments, essential oils, and herbs. The massages can be gentle or hard, depending on the condition. Tui Na massage usually resolves musculoskeletal problems, such as muscle pain, cramps, sprains, and joint problems.


The teas, supplements, and oils used in traditional Chinese medicine are from herbs. Herbs can be varieties of leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, and bark of plants, trees, and fruits. Herbs claim to treat conditions such as inflammation and other illnesses. Others claim to restore nutrition. For example, confinement herbs provide mothers with the nutrition they need to recover their health and strength after pregnancy and giving birth. Traditional Chinese medicine is for people looking for natural and conservative alternative medicine. However, remember that the majority of TCM practices still need more studies and research to prove their effectiveness. Nevertheless, there is nothing to lose if people include TCM in Singapore in their health and wellness routine. Thomson Chinese Medicine provides acupuncture treatment for fertility in Singapore. Visit Thomson Chinese Medicine today.