It is not good for a person’s health if the pH of their blood remains constant. The chances of death increases if it gets beyond the normal range because the cells stop working.

  • If the pH value is 0, it indicates that the acid is at the highest level.
  • If the pH is 7, it is neutral.
  • If the pH is 14, it indicates that it is alkaline or basic.

The alkaline is also known as the alkaline acid diet or alkaline ash diet which helps a person to lose weight and also helps in avoiding health issues like cancer and arthritis. Food items which have a pH level 4.6 or below it, they are considered acidic items, and if you have an acidity problem, you should change your diet.

Alkaline Diet includes:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Soybeans and Tofu
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Legumes

They all promote alkaline in the body, so they are beneficial for health.

Acidic Diet includes:

  • Grains
  • Sugar
  • Some Dairy Products
  • Fresh Meats and Processed Meats like corned beef and turkey
  • Foods with high protein
  • Fish
  • Sodas

These are the food items which leads to acidity in the body, so you need to be careful while eating them and eat them according to your body response. The symptoms of acidity in the body is headache, fatigue, and stomachache.

Well, it was a brief description of the symptoms and causes of alkaline as well as acidic values. I hope not you are clear with the difference between the two and their pH values. Since I am here to guide you about the alkaline diet, now I will apprise you about the benefits you will get from it.

Benefits of Alkaline Diet

Less Hypertension and Stroke

Alkaline diet increases the growth in hormone production along with the decrement in inflammation. So, it protects us from high cholesterol, kidney stones, stroke, memory loss, and hypertension.

Improves the Immune Function

As I said above, alkaline decreases in inflammation, it also decreases the risk of cancer. The alkaline diet is useful for chemotherapeutic agents because they need a high pH to work properly.

Protects Bone Density and Muscle mass

The amount of mineral which you intake inside your body plays an important role in developing as well as maintaining the bone structures. So, more alkaline food you will take, the better will be your body. It helps in maintaining lean muscle mass, and it also balances the mineral ratio which each body requires to build the bones.

Boosts Vitamin Absorption and Prevents Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium plays a very important role in the function of enzyme systems. A person who has deficient magnesium in their body suffers from heart issues, headaches, anxiety, sleep trouble and muscle pain. A person with proper magnesium in the body activates Vitamin D which plays a very important role in immune functioning.

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Lower Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Alkaline Diet contributes to reducing the level of chronic pain like headaches, muscle spasms, back pain, menstrual symptoms, joint pain, and inflammation. It was found that supplying alkaline food items to the patients suffering from a chronic disease for four weeks can relieve them from pain.

Helps in Maintaining Healthy Weight

Intaking more alkaline food decreases the leptin level and inflammation which protect us from obesity and also affects the fat burning abilities.

So, guys, these are the health benefits if we intake proper alkaline supplements. Well, now let’s have a look at what are the best alkaline food items which can be useful for our body.

Best Alkaline Food Items

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables like mushrooms, raisins, dates, grapefruit, tomatoes, kale, jicama, summer black radish, citrus, spinach, barley grass, green beans, cabbage, red beet, ripe bananas, watermelon, and figs promote the good amount of alkaline to our body.
  • Plant proteins like almonds, lima beans, navy beans, and all other beans also contribute equally for supplying proper alkaline in the body.


So, guys, it is all about the alkaline diet. I hope now you have understood the benefits of the alkaline diet and which food items contribute in promoting the more amount of alkaline in the body. So, take cae of your diet and stay healthy and fit. Thank You.