All professions, including Family Law, have been influenced by the Digital Revolution’s move from manual or mechanical procedures to computerized operations. In the minds of many, digital technology is a tool that streamlines tedious tasks such as record-keeping or document analysis. There are countless ways in which technology may make formerly tough tasks easy in every industry. If a doctor or teacher wants to keep an eye on their students while they’re at home, they may do so using a remote pulse oximeter, while a lawyer can utilize an online AI tool to quickly go through lengthy documents.

Why Family Law Practitioners Need to Stay on Top of the Latest Technology Developments?

In addition to virtual client meetings and technology-based gadgets used in litigation, the legal sector has a role for technology. In the first place, the adoption of new technology may result in greater income. According to an investigation by Family Lawyer Magazine, digital client portals increased income for law firms by an average of $37,000 annually. A further 17 percent more cases were carried by these businesses.

Technology-enhanced legal service is becoming more and more commonplace among clients. For example, 56 percent prefer video conferencing over phone calls, and 69 percent prefer submitting papers online to their attorney. In order to better serve their customers, increase the number of clients they can service, and maybe increase their income, Family Law Professionals should remain abreast of technological advances that might improve the efficiency of routine activities.

Soberlink is a term that you must be familiar with

Remote alcohol monitoring system Soberlink combines an FDA-approved alcohol testing gadget with automated warnings and reports to provide real-time verification of sobriety. Face recognition and tamper detection are used to remotely monitor customers for alcohol usage, unlike lab or EtG testing methods. Soberlink’s customizable testing fits into every parenting agreement to guarantee kid safety since it was designed with flexibility in mind. Client test results are sent to practitioners in real time, enabling for quick response in the event of an emergency.

In circumstances involving parental alcoholism, the best interests of the child are most often upheld via the employment of Soberlink in Family Court. According to the co-parenting program level, the monitored client submits 2-4 planned tests per day, with instantaneous results for all parties specified on the alcohol Monitoring Agreement. Using innovative technology like Soberlink, Concerned Parties who are concerned about the safety of a kid may continue connections with their children and have peace of mind.

How a Professional Can Stay Ahead of the Curve Thanks to Cutting-Edge Technology Like Soberlink?


For Family Law Practitioners, the use of technology like Soberlink for remote alcohol monitoring has several benefits. Soberlink’s findings are acceptable in court and trusted by judges, for one thing. This data may be used in court to support or refute accusations of alcoholism and its causes.

Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting may be used by a Family Law Attorney to support a client’s claim of sobriety in court. Soberlink reports use a common color code to signify compliance, non-compliance, and missing tests, which helps to simplify litigation.

Soberlink reviews, for example, may be the difference between a lawyer and the rest of the pack. To build confidence with customers that depend on your knowledge and experience, you may want to consider modernizing your practice.