Lots of us have varicose veins and try to look out for simple ways to get rid of them. But till you actually rid yourself of those spider veins; how do you hide it? Stop wearing short skirts, shorts or swimwear? No, you can try out some makeup to hide those spider veins. Sounds a little strange? Well, you certainly hear about makeup to hide fine lines, scars or dark circles. Maybe this is the first time you have heard about something like this. Well, keep reading and you might just like what you read –

These are some of the things that would help you –

Makeup sponges, Waterproof concealer cream or lotion, Eyeliner brush, Tanning lotions (preferably sunless), Body makeup and Airbrush leg spray.

  • Let us start with the first step – sunless tanning lotion. Take a good quantity and spread it over both legs so there is no difference in your skin color. Rub it in gently till the whole lot is absorbed. This generally takes a while to dry. So give it time and only then wear your dress. Otherwise you could stain or mess up your dress. Also ensure that when you choose the lotion you go for something that is similar to your skin color;else it would look made up and fake.
  • Now let’s start with the body makeup. Again you need to choose a shade that matches your skin. Once the above tanning lotion is completely dried, apply the body makeup with the help of a sponge or your fingers, if that is more comfortable for you. However, a sponge would do a better job at blending the makeup. Apply the makeup to your affected area and make sure that you do it evenly; especially the edges of the makeup.
  • Now, the turn of the eyeliner brush! Use the brush to take a little bit of waterproof concealer and cover up the varicose veins in thin lines. Ensure that you choose a concealer which is a shade lighter to the body makeup.
  • As a woman you probably understand that makeup can be flawless only if it blends well. So ensure that the concealer is also well blended into your skin. Dab it lightly to make sure that no edges stand out.
  • Some of you might have varicose veins which are not too prominent; but you would like to hide them nonetheless. Well, your job becomes extremely easy! Just forget the makeup and use an aerosol leg spray. These are also called as airbrush legs. Just spray it on the area where you have the varicose veins and blend it into your skin with your fingers. Once again, wear your dress only after it dries well.

All this probably sounds like too much trouble. But if you are a woman then you know what we are getting at. You should definitely seek for varicose veins treatment so that the next time you plan to wear a short dress, you wouldn’t have to hesitate. You could do a trial run before your event to make sure that you can handle the makeup well.