You can get all the info you require with just one click. Spending an hour on your computer could provide you with several detailed facts which can help you choose a good surgeon for you and avoid calamitous results. Here is a four step procedure to know everything you want about the surgeon’s background and proficiency level.

  1. Firstly, confirm state credentials: Find out if the surgeon is licensed in the country. Check about their license by checking on the official Medical Board website of the country.
  2. Check their surgical certification: In order to know whether the surgeon is board certified or not, eligible to perform a particular surgery or not, go to the certification center of Thailand Board of Medical Specialties. Check if the surgeon has undergone the specialty training and passed the exam or not.
  3. Know about the license board: Find out if the doctor has been given accreditation by a proficient licensing board or not. Check the disciplinary history of the doctors in any state. The State medical boards have all the profiles of doctors with their board certification, board action, medical practices and mal practices mentioned.
  4. Check their ratings, number of surgeries done and success rates: You should also check out the success rate of the surgeon, number of surgeries done and complication rates. In order to judge fairly, check their results along with the patients’ health status, age and other aspects.

Write your zip code on Google and you will get the list of local hospitals in Thailand which can provide you the best surgery facility as per your need. Check out the website of the hospital and the surgeon and find out about their previous surgeries and experience record.

How to take the decision?

Once you have shortlisted the surgeons in Thailand, now it is the time to meet them in person to take your decision.

Talk to other patients who have undergone surgery by your selected surgeon

Find out about the previous patients and enquire about their experience with your chosen surgeon. See if they vouch for him or not.

Speak to their colleagues

Speak to their doctors, nurses and fellow colleagues to find out how the practicing doctor is and what their expertise are!

Go for a second opinion

Know if you really need a surgery! Consult another surgeon before going for the treatment. A second opinion is important if you are opting for new procedure or a complex one. Thus, check out two more doctors to get opinion for your case and is it reasonable to go to a better place for further checkup.

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