Natural herb Kratom is known for its many health benefits, including pain relief, improved mood, and increased energy. It is available in different forms – raw powder, capsules, extracts, and teas. Of these, kratom capsules are an easy and convenient way to consume this herb. However, with rising demand, some dishonest vendors have started selling fake and adulterated kratom capsules which are not only ineffective but also hazardous to health.

Check the ingredient list

All legitimate kratom capsules should have only one ingredient – Mitragyna speciosa. There should not be any artificial fillers, additives, or contaminants. Carefully read the label before buying kratom capsules. Avoid products with ingredients like “Kratom leaf extract” which could indicate a highly processed and low-quality product.

Buy from reputable sellers 

It is important to buy kratom capsules only from trusted and credible sellers who have an established track record. A genuine seller will provide all details about their products’ potency, lab tests, and sourcing, and will be transparent about their business. Be cautious of sellers offering kratom at suspiciously cheap prices. Reputable kratom vendors will always provide updated lab reports to confirm the purity and potency of their products. Ask for recent Certificates of Analysis (COA) showing tests for pathogens, heavy metals, adulterants, and alkaloid content from third-party laboratories. It ensures the capsules are safe for consumption.

Buy whole herb capsules

Powdered kratom stuffed into capsules has a higher risk of contamination. It’s better to buy capsules containing whole crushed kratom leaves to get the full alkaloid profile. Check that the product does not contain just extracts or dust which are more likely to be tampered with. Some fake capsules are marketed as “enhanced” and claim to be highly potent. In reality, this indicates adulteration with chemicals, additives, or prescription drugs which are hazardous. Always opt for regular, pure kratom capsules without enhancement. High-quality kratom generally costs above average so very cheap capsule products likely mean poor quality. Research current market prices for comparison. Anything too cheap could be a badly made or fake product. However, higher prices do not always guarantee better quality.

User reviews

Check user reviews and community forums for any reports of fake side effects or lack of results for a particular kratom capsules online brand. This helps identify unreliable vendors to avoid. Be mindful that reviews are sabotaged. Focus on consistent feedback. Research the kratom company to know how long they have been in business, where they source from, their manufacturing and testing processes, customer service, etc. A lack of transparency could indicate a dubious seller.

Avoid too good to be true claims

Fake kratom capsules are sometimes marketed with outlandish benefits claims or as a “cure-all”. Be skeptical of any product making unsubstantiated medical or miracle claims. Check for user experiences to gauge realistic benefits. Experienced kratom users guide beginners on trusted vendors and capsules they have used. You check kratom forums on Reddit or Facebook to connect with a community that advises on authentic, high-quality products. Fake capsules sometimes come in improper packaging with errors, incomplete labeling lacking dosage, manufacturing details, etc. Genuine sellers will use high-quality packaging with complete labels.