Some people believe every human body has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual forms. Except for the physical body, the other forms are energetic and subtle. And only the physical body gets destroyed by death; the energy remains and is carried over to the next birth. Past life regression therapies help people to connect to their past, unlock trauma and explain the anxiety they experience in their current lives. People can book past life healing sessions to find an answer to challenging problems in their life. It is helpful to people experiencing inexplicable phobias and chronic health issues. It also helps those trying to figure out what to do in life.

Past life healing is a healing technique that guides people safely on a hypnotic journey into their past lives. It helps people travel back to their previous lives and access memories that hide in the subconscious mind. It is believed that people are not aware of these memories because of their busy lifestyles. The healing session helps people out of the noise and takes them to a peaceful state, which helps them find the memories hidden in the subconscious mind.

There are two core beliefs behind past life regression. The first is believing that human beings are born and reborn many times till they attain a state of enlightenment. The second is karma which means a person’s actions have consequences in their future lives.

Reasons to opt for past life healing

Vivid dreams

Recurring nightmares

Relationship issues

Phobias with no reason

Chronic illness

Accomplishments through past life regression therapy

Learn about the past lives and reconnect the experiences with current life

Analyse current situations as a residue of past life experiences

Understand how beliefs, fears, and emotions arise from past life experiences

Accept the situation after finding out about the past lives and find peace of mind.

Techniques used in past life regression

Hypnotherapy is a full sensory experience for the client where they visualise situations, hear sounds, and recall smells. Practitioners use hypnosis to help clients relax and motivate them to open their minds. They help people connect the issues in their present lives with past lives. Clients experience internal peace by connecting to some situations in their past lives. They may get to know the root cause of their problems.

All clients don’t feel the same after a past life regression session. Some feel lighter because they are relieved of some burden from their hearts. For others, remembering their past lives helps them to understand their feelings and problems that trouble them. Understanding the events in their past lives help clients to make better sense of the current situations. Many clients experience transformation or deep healing through past life healing therapy. Some need several sessions to notice significant changes in their life.

Benefits of past life healing therapy

Reconnecting with a person’s spiritual core

Getting moral and spiritual guidance from the past lives

Learning to deal with depression and other mental afflictions.

Learn to be at peace with one’s own self

Combat physical and mental health issues that result from past life experiences.

Sometimes people may need to book a past life healing session to resolve problems and try alternative holistic treatment. These sessions help to let go of the past, eliminate negative thoughts and connect with the inner self. It helps people to regain their energy balance and live unrestrained life.