Eleven years after the electronic cigarette began to be used in the world. Today with about 40 million users, health reports record “zero” cases of health conditions associated with the so-called practice of “vaping” (smoking an electronic cigarette”).

The combustion at the time of lighting a traditional cigar generates an “orgy” of seven thousand chemical components. The oval electronic cigarette emits only 300 elements, mostly benign for health.

Brief Elaboration

Traditional cigarettes, as with any organic product, their combustion is a physical-chemical process based on oxidation.

Let’s say combustion is a vast compound factory; that is, it generates a massive amount of organic compounds. Its health effects are similar to the combustion generated by a motor vehicle.

Lighting a cigarette requires temperatures between one thousand and four thousand degrees Celsius. At the time of burning the tip of the cigar, the flame is already at temperatures between 900 and one thousand degrees Celsius.

The important thing is that, when it is burning, we have a physical-chemical process that occurs at a thousand degrees. When combined with oxygen molecules, including carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen, they generate an orgy of hydrocarbon compounds.

Compounds And Their Contradictions

The smoke then represents an aerosol, that is, a mixture of gases with seven thousand compounds identified with their suspended particles that are like microscopic pebbles.

This shows that the combustion process of the cigar is very similar to that of a gasoline engine, with its inherent polluting effect. Although its effects take decades to impact the body. The human being had evolved with smoke from their ancestors when they got used to heating with wood.

Contrary to this, vaping, instead of producing smoke, generates glyceric steam, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavourings. When activated, it generates only 300 compounds. More than 90 percent are benign to health.

The rest that would be considered toxic to health are emitted in millionths of particles so that their impact on health is practically nil — demonstrated in toxicological studies because the poison is in the dose.

It is no coincidence that a decade after the use of electronic cigarettes in the world, the health impact is now “zero”, since there are different levels of toxicity and that of the practice of vaping is minimum.

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