During our youth, our lens has the ability to change power and shape. This allows focus on close objects through a process of lens power change referred to as accommodation. During aging, these lenses become stiff losing thiscapacity to change shape. This is known as “presbyopia”losing accommodation, and the need for glasses for reading, bifocals, or other aids are needed for close work. An excellent website for more information is at https://yaldoeyecenter.com/.

What LASIK does

LASIK is unable to “fix” accommodation, but there is an assortment of approaches that can be effective, especially monovision or “blended vision”, where one eye is modified for better vision at a distance and one eye is modified for better vision up close.

Several types of lasers

There is an assortment of different lasers used in ophthalmology. All LASIK measures are done with a definite type of laser (excimer laser), so in this sense, all LASIK measures are similar. But, there are assortments of various laser manufacturers, including:

  • Visx
  • Alcon
  • Wavelight
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Nidek

Types of laser ablations

There are various forms of laser ablations that are able to be performed with conventional laser treatments especially Wavefront-optimized and Wavefront-guided treatments. A fully different laser (femtosecond laser) can be used rather than microkeratome to produce the LASIK corneal flap.

What is conventional LASIK?


Conventional Lasik surgery is the existing ablation pattern on the majority of lasers that directly treats based on the patient’s prescription for glasses, with fixed treatment restrictions for every patient. This kind of laser eye surgery is operative for the majorityof patients but can cause more visual anomalies such ashalos, glare, as well as issues with night vision than other laser treatments.

Surgery centers

There are plenty of fine surgery centers for getting LASIK surgery with Michigan Lasik patientsoften being done at Yaldo eye center.

Further information

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