Should end justifies the means? This seems to be the case of steroid use by body builders and other sports people. Everyone knows that steroid use in competitive sports is prohibited by law and can lead to apotential ban,still, they use it. Even when a steroid like Trenbolone is not recommended for human use but only for veterinary use, they still use it. They desire only one result: A faster muscle growth, lean muscle body mass and strength is their only goal. If it means consuming steroids which are explicitly banned or side effects may occur, they don’t care. It would be better to know the real facts and other relevant info before resorting to them and make an educated and better choice.

Drug Use

The chemical compound is known by the name 19-nortestosterone or 9-11-nandrolone. The drug works much better if it is esterized and hence manufactured as trenbolone acetate or trenboloneenanthate. Originally the drug was invented to be used by feed-stock animals. By giving the medicine to these animals, they grew big in size even with small quantities of food and showed much better protein growth. Seeing the phenomenal growth in size, body builders got interested and wanted to replicate this with them and started using them. It was found that Trenbolone promotes fat burning in humans and at the same time, giving them lean muscle. Apart from this, it also increased the strength and provided a better mood. Due to all these activities, they were able to work more hours in thegym and get quicker and better results.

Drug Interaction

Administering the drug in cattle was done by tying a pellet of the drug in their ears. Due to the slow delivery of the drug, the animals were responding well to the drug and showed high growths. The same could not be replicated in humans and hence the injections were invented. The drug has a half-life of about nearly 18 hours and was slow acting but the potency remained for long. On metabolism, the drug increases the intake of ammonium ion there by increasing protein synthesis. Its secondary nature is to increase the appetite and reducing the catabolic effects on muscle tissue. When it is bound to the androgen receptors of the body, they produce more amount of testosterone in the body which enables the fat burning process. When this fat is converted to energy, people are left with more energy and stamina.

Safety and Side effects

Like all steroids, this drug is no exception. In fact, like the potency is more, side effects are also more. Since the drug aromatizes finally into estradiol, it can cause large breasts in men. Acne, high BP, mood swings and irritability are the other side effects. The most serious effect will be testicular atrophy in men. Trenbolone promotes fat burning but these side effects too should be noted. There are drugs which can counteract the side effects and a healthy diet is a must when taking this drug. This drug should be cycled for short period of times and should any side effect linger, immediate consultation with a physician will help.