A Simple Overview: Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is considered to be optic nerve damage and it is not possible to completely cure it. It is viewed as an eye disorder. There is good news weaved into this medical issue because glaucoma treatment is available and tends to work very well for many people. The treatment has the goal of lowering eye pressure. Early detection is a key to a successful outcome. It ought to be noted that the damage it causes, in the eye, is not something that can be completely restored.

Surgery and medicine will prevent further damage from occurring. Most people are made comfortable with the treatments. There are several approaches that can be used to treat this eye disorder. A trained professional has the ability to help each person to select the right treatment to meet their own medical needs.

Various Treatment Options and a Diagnosis


Each and every treatment for glaucoma is going to differ from the next because no two diagnoses are going to be the same. A trained professional will customize a treatment plan for each unique case. A physician will view the medical history and perform an assessment in order to determine which plan will be the most beneficial for each patient. A comprehensive eye examination is usually conducted after the medical history has been performed. If you are think you may have glaucoma, you can expect the following tests;

* gonioscopy; an inspection of the drainage angle

* pachymetry; measurement of corneal thickness

* visual field test; a vision loss check

* a dilated eye examination with imaging tests; a test for possible optic nerve damage

* tonometry; a measurement of intraocular pressure

Glaucoma can cause much damage. It ought to be known that the damage can be slightly reversed with good treatments in place and ongoing checkups. The treatments and checkups can cause a slowing process in terms of preventing possible vision loss. This is especially true if a person catches this disease early.

Once there has been an official diagnosis, the eye pressure will need to be lowered. This is known as intraocular pressure. The entire treatment is going to depend on the situation and the various factors involved with the disorder itself. There are several treatment options to choose from once a diagnosis has been made. It is a good idea to ask for information and guidance from a trained physician as you try to determine which route to take.

Treatment Options

It is not uncommon to have a treatment begin with the use of prescribed eyedrops. They have the ability to lower any eye pressure because the drops can improve the way the fluid drains from the eye. The drops might even decrease the fluid in the eye. It depends on the pressure in the eyes and what the eye actually is going to need. It ought to be known that there are many different types of eye drops available to treat Glaucoma.

 Some of the medicine may be absorbed into the bloodstream and various side effects may occur. Prior to using them, if prescribed by a physician, it will be important to keep fully informed about the benefits as well as any possible side effects. If the eyedrops don’t lower the pressure, oral medications might be prescribed. It is common for laser therapy to be part of a treatment plan for glaucoma.

An open-angle glaucoma diagnosis is a good candidate for laser therapy. Filtering surgery involves creating an opening within the white part of the eye. There are several different surgery options available. Some of them are minimally invasive surgery choices.

Living With Glaucoma


Vision loss may be part of the outcome of glaucoma. Keep in mind, quality vision rehabilitation and various other items will offer many people a very high quality of life. It is a good idea to take charge of the eye disorder, acknowledge it and follow through with a good treatment plan. Lastly, it will be important to fully enjoy your life regardless of the minor limitations that may come with this disease.