Aside from the symptoms of loud snoring that sleep apnea patients in Singapore experience, there might be more effects. Sleep apnea can result in heart problems and affect mental and physical health.

It is why visiting an ENT doctor in Singapore is advisable to ensure that the condition gets treated as early as possible. Here are some of the effects of sleep apnea on your overall health.

1. High risk of insulin deficiency

Insulin deficiency is more common in people with sleep apnea in Singapore because their cells do not usually react to insulin. A spike in blood sugar levels might put you at risk for complications of diabetes in the long run. Consider visiting an ear, nose, and throat specialist to prevent this further from happening.

2. Shortness of breath

A malfunction in brain-to-breathing muscle communication causes breathing problems. Sleep apnea in Singapore can cause shortness of breath, difficulty falling asleep, or even trouble remaining asleep altogether. It worsens asthma and COPD, where you will find it more difficult to exercise than usual.

3. Risk of heart attack

Sleep apnea patients in Singapore who are obese or have high blood pressure may be at risk of a heart attack because of irregular rhythm. If you have been experiencing this lately, consider consulting a trusted ENT doctor in Singapore to know how you can avoid heart failure.

4. Difficulty concentrating

People with sleep apnea are far more likely to have trouble concentrating and paying attention throughout the day. It may affect your daily task or job since you will be more restless than usual. It is advisable to be checked out at an ENT clinic in Singapore for early management.

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