When choosing a plastic surgeon, you have to place a large amount of trust in another person. It can be nerve-racking to allow someone to alter one of your insecurities knowing there is no guarantee that it won’t cause a bigger problem. Here’s a list of things you can look for in a doctor to avoid becoming the next plastic surgery fail. 

1. Research and Recommendations

Do your homework. Always make sure that the surgeon you are looking into is board certified and has experience in the cosmetic surgery Durham NC you want done. The more reviews, recommendations, and experience, the better. If you can find a surgeon through word of mouth and can speak to patients of the doctor, you can get a good insight into which surgeon you can trust.

2. Consultation Before Commitment

Don’t feel a need to commit to a surgeon right off the bat. Schedule a consultation to find out if the doctor is personable, has a good bedside manner, and meets your needs as a patient. You should feel comfortable talking openly and being around your doctor. Ask for before and after photos of previous surgeries to see if his or her work meets your aesthetic goal.

3. Surgeon Not Salesman

Your doctor should meet your wants – and your wants only. If a surgeon tries to sell you on procedures you didn’t come in to get, you might need to look for a different surgeon. Your goals should always be the priority. Sometimes, a doctor may suggest a related procedure that will help you complete the look you are aiming for; however, if those procedures are unnecessary, it may be a sign the doctor isn’t listening to you. Make sure he or she addresses your concerns and answers all your questions openly.

By following these tips, you can find a professional who will help you achieve your dreams and make you as confident as ever. Good luck!