As a provider of financial services, insurance, asset management, annuities, and employee benefits, MetLife continues to flourish among disability insurance companies. While MetLife has a good reputation, claimants may find it challenging to properly submit a long-term disability insurance claim. By making their policies comprehensive and challenging to fulfill, insurance companies like MetLife occasionally put their business objectives ahead of those of the insured. This can lead to false claim denial. Contact a disability attorney if you believe MetLife has been purposefully holding up or rejecting your long-term or short-term disability insurance claim. 

Next steps:

If your claim is rejected, MetLife will write to you explaining why, detailing the appeals procedure, and setting the deadlines you must adhere to. To develop a plan for a timely appeal, you must bring this letter to your LTD attorney.  You cannot appeal seeking a reversal of the denial if you miss the deadline.

Ask MetLife for a copy of your claim file to expedite the appeals process. Then, with the help of your lawyer, you can compile any missing or updated medical records that may have been part of your initial claim documentation.

It is crucial to understand that if MetLife declines your appeal and you decide to sue, the judge will only consider the evidence you provided to MetLife before filing your complaint.  

Reasons to hire a lawyer:

The most typical blunder in disability insurance claims is self-representation. Moreover, it could be challenging to prevail if your MetLife disability claim is denied or your benefits are wrongly terminated. Note that MetLife has a track record of rejecting and improperly managing claims. There are several reasons why an insurance provider like MetLife can reject your claim; for example, for not having enough supporting data or satisfying all of the policy’s standards. Insurance companies might also make it difficult for claimants to get their claims approved in other ways. 

Appealing a rejection or dismissal from MetLife or another insurance company can be challenging because they have a financial motive of paying out as little as possible. The main objective of big businesses like MetLife is profit. Furthermore, their review procedure is intended to favor them rather than you. 

Final thoughts:

MetLife is infamous for unjustly rejecting requests for disability benefits, much like other insurance firms. A disability lawyer can help you submit an appeal and, if necessary, a lawsuit if your disability benefits were wrongfully denied or terminated.