Any kind of laser surgery is a costly yet important decision. One of the most interesting things that generally isn’t discussed enough in any kind of laser surgery is the type of laser used. For every type of surgery there is a laser that is specifically created to deal with that surgery. There are some lasers that are for skin care, while others are distinctly for eye care or the removal of hair and skin tissue. This article was written to present the different kinds of lasers and their uses in medicine.

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Dye Laser

This is a type of laser that radiates using a natural dye. This laser is often used in dermatology to help remove lesions from the skin. In cardiology, dye lasers are often used in the attempt to remove blood clots and other infections that have covered the heart.

Diode Laser

This is a type of edge-emitting laser used for cutting things. A Diode laser is often used for hair removal treatments. Because of this lasers safety and effectiveness, it is considered one of the best lasers. It can be applied to all body types and hair types. Diode lasers are often used for therapeutic surgery and diagnostic treatment.

 CO2 Lasers

This laser is comprised of carbon dioxide. The CO2 laser treats a number of skin disorders. The laser has the ability to go in and cut the infected layer of skin out of the body without causing injury. This allows the skin to heal and reconstruct the layer of skin that was removed.

Fiber Lasers

This laser uses very little laser power to amplify light using rare elements of the earth such as erbium. Fiber lasers are very popular in endoscopy as they assist in helping the doctor diagnose a patient while looking into certain parts of the body. Fiber lasers are also used for fat and tattoo removal. Fiber lasers aren’t entirely composed of ionic bonds like the other lasers but are said to shine the brightest in comparison to the others.

Gas Lasers

This laser is created when an electric current flows out of a gas to form light. Gas lasers are used for skin and vein removal surgery. Gas lasers are also often used for medical and surgical eye diseases as well.

Excimer Lasers

This is an ultraviolet laser that uses noble gases such as helium and argon. The excimer laser is commonly used in Lasik eye surgery. Dermatologists use Excimer lasers to treat vitiligo.

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