Transitioning back to your old life after receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. Even if you have successfully completed your treatment, you will not be able to live a sober life unless you learn skills that keep you from having a relapse. One of the best ways to increase your chances of staying sober for long is to spend some time in sober living housing soon after completing your treatment. For recovering addicts, a sober living facility is nothing less than a blessing because it protects them from the triggers they usually have in their old lives. However, like everything else, there are some pros and cons of choosing the option of staying in a sober living home.

Pros of Choosing Sober Living Housing

Here are some positives of moving into a sober living housing:

  • You will to take responsibility on a personal level. You will be doing grocery shopping, maintaining your own personal space, and handling many household chores during your stay. It will develop a sense of responsibility that will help you in the real world.
  • You do not need to complete a treatment program first to join a sober living facility. In most cases, you need to complete a detox to get admission in a sober living home.
  • You will be living with people dealing with the same challenges and it will help improve your communication skills and teach you to interact with people more confidently.

Cons of Living in a Transitional Home

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A sober living or transitional home is not for everyone. You may not benefit from this option if you do not know how to manage your time well. Proper time management is the key to success. If you spend your free time thinking about drug or your old life, you are not doing yourself any favour. Unless you learn to fill your free time with healthy activities, you will never be able to reap the amazing benefits of sober living housing.

Similarly, you may want to think twice before moving into a sober living facility if you or your loved one requires intensive care with increased monitoring. If your loved one is in need of detox, you will be better off staying away from a sober living facility. Even though you will be under the supervision of an expert, you will still be living quite independently. It means that if you need increased monitoring because of your addiction, you may not be able to stop yourself to ‘try’ the drug one more time. Once you do it, there will be no turning back.

Dealing with substance abuse is never easy and it can certainly affect your personal and professional relationships. Receiving treatment for your addiction is important, but it is usually not enough to live a sober life, and that is when sober living housing becomes a good choice. However, you need to keep in mind that where sober living homes provide you with support and guidance, but it is not suitable for anyone in need of intensive monitoring. So, know your condition and then make a move.