Having swollen eyes in the morning when you wake up, droopy eyelids, or dark circles when you feel really tired is another thing, but having swollen, puffy eyes and a tired look every day is. There are many tips to limit the swelling of the eyelids and rejuvenate the look before resorting to eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. visit website and learn more.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

The eyes are generally swollen in the morning because the layer of fat that protects the eyes from external aggressions is particularly hydrophilic (which attracts water). This layer of fat can form an unsightly pocket on the lower eyelids or the upper eyelids. This phenomenon of swollen eyes is amplified by the activities experienced by the body which “congest” the eyelids:

  • Sleep with your head flat
  • Doing an activity for several hours’ upside down (e.g., gardening)
  • Consuming too much alcohol or too many salty foods that dehydrate or cause water retention
  • Hormonal changes and pregnancy can also be the cause of increased puffiness under the eyes

What Are The Most Effective Methods To Avoid Having Swollen Eyelids?

To counter the symptom of swollen eyelids, it will be advisable to “limit” the points listed above as much as possible. A good position at work and during sleep, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet can contain the swelling of fat pockets and puffy eyes in the morning upon waking. Other anti-puffiness remedies are known for their decongestant effect on the eyelids; read here!

However, the pockets of fat should not be confused with the malar pocket, which forms a double pocket and corresponds to ptosis of the orbicularis muscle. The malar pocket gives the impression of permanently swollen eyelids that only a sub-palpebral lift can correct.

Another association of ideas not to do when the upper eyelids droop on the eye; is generally an association of a pocket of fat lodged in the upper eyelid with excess skin. In the case of eyelid growth linked to the natural aging process, the look is partially closed by the cap effect, and only eyelid stripes or upper blepharoplasty can correct and rejuvenate the look.

What Is The Cost Of Blepharoplasty?

Regarding prices, all quotes are given after consultation because there are often not only bags under the eyes. There may be puffiness and dark circles, wrinkled skin, dark circle staining, or a small associated malar pouch. The quotes are, therefore, tailor-made and given after a consultation.

Is The Removal Of Bags Under The Eyes Permanent If It Is Done By Surgery?

The removal of bags under the eyes is completely permanent. After years of practicing oculoplastic by oculofacial surgeon Dr. Ahmad for example, there has never been any recurrence of bags under the eyes when it is completely removed.


It is possible to see cases of recurrence in other practitioners because the pocket was retracted with electrocautery and not removed for fear of taking a risk by removing it. In these cases, the bags under the eyes recur because they were not correctly removed during the first intervention.