Tourism and gastronomy are the strongest points of a country. Now they merge so your experience can be enjoyed with all five senses. Do you want to try it? More and more tourists go on a trip to discover local gastronomic specialties. This is called culinary tourism. It attracts more people because it allows you to travel differently by letting yourself be surprised by the region’s flavors.

No one doubts that gastronomy is in fashion. And it is also not surprising that tourists, both national and international, choose their vacation destinations taking into account the gastronomy of the area. The so-called gastronomic tourism was born from this idea. This current is gaining many followers in recent years, built around food, local products, and the possibility of getting to know a region through the palate. A way of traveling and getting to know a city through the senses, and that is worth trying.

  1. Creation Of Experiences

One of the characteristics of gastronomic tourism or Culinary Vacations is that it bases its success on living unrepeatable experiences. Tourists enjoy a good restaurant dish and the town’s culture or history in this gourmet getaway.

  1. Quality

Regarding the Mediterranean diet, two words come to mind: quality and taste. The culinary heritage is based on natural and quality products; it is about getting the essence of what is ours through delicious dishes. According to data, among the attractions that stand out in our country, the gastronomic offer occupies a privileged place. 

  1. Seasonal Tourism

Gastronomic tourism by The International Kitchen® for example can be enjoyed at any time of the year, any day, and any time. You can enjoy a perfect gastronomic weekend or organize a trip for a whole month of sensations through our country.

  1. Demassification.

This new way of traveling is included in alternative tourism so that we will avoid large masses of people. We will individually delight ourselves with unique experiences without stress, queues, or rush.

  1. Sector On The Rise

Within the tourism field, gastronomic trips are on the rise. The cuisine is attractive to tourists, especially those who come from abroad. Hence, many establishments have become gastronomic hotels to make their offer more striking.

  1. Economic Booster

Gastronomic tourism promotes the consumption of typical products of each region. And it also generates employment at various levels and stimulates the area’s wealth.

  1. Importance Of People

People are the last of the reasons but by no means the least. They make gastronomic tourism relevant. It is an experience that consists of tasting and feeling, and only people do that.