HCG diet is not like most of the other diet plans where you simply need to follow a diet routine. There’s a regular dose of HCG hormone associated with the diet plan. And, this may leave you wondering what would it cost you to undergo this slimming treatment. If you have seen the positive effect of HCG diet plan on any of your friend, family or relatives and considering opting for the diet yourself, you need to consider the direct and associated cost with the diet. Here, we are trying to give you an overall idea about the diet plan and the associated cost.

Over the counter vs. the prescription HCG cost

The prescription HCG cost would undoubtedly be the costlier option of buying the HCG hormone. And, it is always considered the safe choice. But, people who have used both the options i.e. over the counter and the prescription HCG claim that they both are equally effective. But, you need to be careful while purchasing the over the counter HCG hormone as there are many sellers in the market and some has gained a really bad reputation to the whole HCG diet community. There are various online forums where you can find HCG dieters discussing their HCG diet experience. You can use these forums to filter out the name of the trusted HCG sellers. Websites like http://hcgdiet.com can also prove to be very beneficial for your entire HCG diet plan phase.

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Homoeopathic HCG

The cost of Homoeopathic HCG varies from company to company. You can expect a bottle of 23 days’ course to range between 85 to 100 dollars. Some companies offer to sell two bottles at a reduced price. So, if you are sure that you’ll go for round 2, you may leverage the offer to make the diet more cost-effective. Even better; search for a diet buddy who will be losing weight together with you. Similar to carpooling, a diet buddy can make HCG diet more affordable while simultaneously making the journey more interesting.

Prescription HCG

The cost of Prescription HCG is different from the homeopathic HCG as the overall cost depends on various other factors. When you go for prescription HCG, you’ll be charged for the injection, spray, pills or supplies you get plus the weekly charge of your visit to the medical practitioner. You must note that the costs of HCG treatment are generally not covered by insurance. Some may agree to pay but they will need you to co-pay certain percentage of the amount. As per a rough estimate, your weekly expense for prescription HCG and the expert facility can be 60 dollars or more.  The HCG injections are the most costly option followed by the nasal spray. By choosing HCG pills you can have a little control over the budget.

The cost of HCG approved foods

The HCG approved foods are not something out of your normal routine food items. The list of HCG approved foods is selected food items from the general food items list only. In most cases, the dieters find that the cost of their grocery bill goes down during the HCG diet plan. This is simply because they no more are allowed to eat out at the restaurant and the food they consume at home is very less than they usually used to consume. Cutting down on junk foods relieves the pressure on food budget to a greater extent. It is recommended to prepare your food at home during the HCG diet plan but some dieters chose to buy ready-to-make recipes from the stores. If you too do so then your budget mat slightly go up as you won’t be able to make a choice based on price; you’ll have to look at the ingredients and nutritional factors.

Additional Expense

There’s an additional investment of diet scale and weighing machine you’ll have to do before starting your HCG diet plan. You need to count each calorie you consume so a diet scale is important. And, you’ll need to weigh yourself each morning so you cannot do without a weighing scale.

The bottom line

As a conclusion, we can say that your HCG diet plan can go as expensive as you’ll let it go. If a weekly visit to the expert practitioner is in your budget you should do so to keep your diet supervised. But, if it feels outside the budget you do not need to get upset because you can be slim in your budget only. You’ll certainly have to be more careful as compared to those who get medical supervision.