The Orthodontics field has significantly advanced, so people don’t need to wear metal braces and dark-colored wire to straighten their teeth. Now, they can opt for discreet, effective, and more comfortable clear braces as the teeth straightening tool. Invisible braces have made getting orthodontic treatments a lot more convenient and pleasant. People can improve the aesthetics of their smiles without compromising their looks. However, there are many things that a patient should know before choosing the invisible aligner treatment. This article enlists some essential things about invisible aligners. 

  1. Patients can Remove Clear Aligners

Clear aligner treatment provides the flexibility of removing the braces. It means that patients can enjoy social gatherings or have meals without embarrassment. For instance, an orthodontist always asks his patients to avoid eating with invisible aligners at all costs. It can lead to the braces getting stained and increase the risk of tooth decay. 

  1. Patients Must Wear Invisible Aligners for 22 Hours

Now that removing clear braces is easy, many patients think they can take them out as they desire. In reality, orthodontists ask patients to wear invisible aligners for at least 17 to 22 hours daily. They can only take out aligners when eating or brushing their teeth. It’s crucial to meet this recommended wear time so that aligners have enough time to guide teeth closer to their ideal positions. 

  1. Brushing Teeth More Often

Most people brush their teeth once or at most twice. But with clear aligners, patients must brush their teeth after every meal and snack. It will prevent food particles and plaque from lingering on an individual’s teeth. Moreover, brushing teeth often will keep the braces clean and pristine. 

  1. Rinse the Aligners with Cold Water

Rinsing the invisible aligners after removing them and before putting them back helps keep them clean and fresh. Always remember to clean the invisible braces using cold water. Hot water can wrap the device’s shape, making them useless. 

  1. Orthodontic Treatment Involves More than Braces

Once the alignment issues have been resolved by wearing invisible aligners, patients might still have to use retainers. Placing retainers helps in keeping the patient’s teeth aligned for a long. The period of wearing retainers varies with the patient’s teeth alignment issues. 

  1. Cost of the Invisible Braces

Knowing the cost of clear braces before opting for the treatment is essential. The average cost of clear aligners in the USA ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. Many factors affect the treatment cost, such as the extent of the alignment patient’s teeth require, how many aligners he needs, orthodontist charges, and more.


Many people face a dilemma concerning which orthodontic treatment to choose for correcting their teeth alignment. Knowing these things beforehand can help an individual make the right decision. Invisible aligners have their perks. They are invisible and removable. Moreover, these devices are an easy form of orthodontic treatment and provide effective results within a short duration. There are several reasons to use clear aligners, but one should learn about them before the treatment.