I admit I am not the most active person on planet Earth. The worst part is, the COVID-19 pandemic took away the only opportunity I get to move my body, which is walking to my workplace. I had no physical activity since I started working at home, and I felt that my tummy was bigger, I was heavier, and I experienced a lot of constipation. So, I decided to make a change in 2022. But that was a mistake as well, especially since I did not consult my physical therapist in Singapore first.


In January 2022, I decided to take physical activities seriously. I jog more or less a kilometre for less than an hour. Then did some jumping jacks and step climbs. But you know what I did wrong? I did it without stretching! I never knew how vital stretch therapy is in Singapore. After three days of doing my routine straight, my body was excruciatingly sore; I barely walked! I grunted in pain whenever I got up from bed, and I couldn’t even lift my legs, so I rested for a few days and underwent a sports massage in Singapore.


My friend helped me with the most miserable days of my days when she brought me to a sport physiotherapy clinic in Singapore. Sports massage is basically like any other massage; it is the manual manipulation of muscles and joints. The only difference is that the message is for people constantly engaging in physically demanding activities.


Sports massage in Singapore is not limited to athletes. Well, in my case, I am not a pro athlete. But I do experience the pain they are experiencing. Gymgoers and those who exercise regularly are also welcome to get sports physiotherapy.


Muscle relaxation

Remember when I said that my muscles were extremely sore? Well, after the first session of my sports massage, they started to relax. They didn’t feel tight when I moved them. My therapist also helped me lose the muscle knots I had on my shoulder and back.

Restored movement

When you experience injuries, such as a frozen shoulder and ankle sprain, sport physiotherapy in Singapore can help restore the range of motion of the affected area.

Improved sleep

And because my muscles felt better and my body felt lighter without the knots and tension, I got high-quality sleep every night. My restful night provided me with energy for the next round of jogging and exercise.


The physiotherapy clinic I visited was Edge Healthcare. I highly recommend people who are finally committing to an active life consult a physiotherapist first. Sports massage is not only applicable for post-exercise. Sports massage conditions your body for training, reducing the risk of injuries while in action. Sports massage will keep your body safe and at its optimum condition for physical activities all the time.

Edge Healthcare

Edge Healthcare provides sports massage and stretch therapy in Singapore. Visit Edge Healthcare for more information about their services.