Even though it’s normal to get hair thinning or to lose hair, if you’re experiencing severe hair thinning day by day, you should talk to your doctor. Your hair thinning could be brought on by a variety of lifestyle choices, genetics, recent life events (such as giving birth or losing a lot of weight quickly), or medical disorders. Patches of hair thinning could be an indication of hair loss in the near future. A weakened immune system may also be a cause of hair loss in some individuals.

Depending on what caused the hair to thin in the first place, thinning hair may regrow. Regrowth may occur in people whose hair is thinning because of stress, pregnancy, dietary shortages, or other non-genetic causes.

Factors that could influence thinning of your hair:

Over-treating and usage of harsh products

This includes using relaxers, perms, and color treatments on your hair. Extreme-hold hair gels and sprays fall within this category.

Tightening your hair

When you make an updo hairstyle or put your hair up in a ponytail to exercise, this can pull on your hair and cause it to separate from the follicles, eventually resulting in thin areas.

Lacking nutrients in diet

Minerals like iron, folic acid, and others aid in the normal hair-growth process in follicles.

Enduring chronic stress

The presence of high levels of hormones like cortisol is said to cause stress. A disease called in which your hair can fall out, and the hair follicles go into a resting phase where no new hair grows, can be caused by an excess amount of stress hormones.

Hair thinning remedies:

Scalp massage

Using your fingertips, you can gently push down on your scalp and wash your hair to increase blood flow. Try using a handheld scalp massager to also exfoliate dead skin cells for additional advantages. Scalp massage is the simplest way to try to stop mens hair thinning and grow thicker hair. Scalp massage doesn’t cost a penny and it has no negative effects when done properly.

Essential oils

Liquids called essential oils are produced from specific plants. Some individuals who suffer from pattern baldness have utilized lavender oil successfully. Additionally, some animal evidence supports essential oils for hair thinning. However, more research on humans is required to validate the effects of essential oils on human hair. Lavender is frequently mixed with other oils, like those derived from thyme and rosemary.

Essential oils to help cure baldness or thinning hair in humans is not proven yet. Make sure to dilute your essential oil in a carrier oil if you decide to try this treatment. To see if there is a reaction, test a small bit of the oil on your arm and wait 24 hours. Hives or a rash, together with redness or other irritability, may signify an allergic reaction to essential oils in some people.

Final thoughts

It may help with hair loss and hair thinning if you receive the right therapies from your doctor. However, there may be measures you may take to assist you in preventing future hair loss, like home remedies and lifestyle modifications. You can also try lifestyle changes and remedies if your doctor doesn’t think mens hair thinning is caused by a medical condition.