Ankle pain is a common problem among elderly people, athletics. Some have mild pain and some suffer from severe aches. It can be because of injury or any prevailing health condition. It can be well treated by a podiatrist if you consult them as soon as you experience ankle pain.

In Irvine, Dr, Sima Soltani, an experienced podiatrist treating patients for more than twenty years has been the prominent support for curing all kinds of health problems related to the ankle and foot. The clinic is famous for successful treatments like stem cell therapy for ankle. Any person suffering from ankle pain can contact them for treatment and surely the podiatrist and their medical team would take immediate steps to relieve them from pain.

What are the triggers of ankle pain?

  • Sprain or strain is the major cause of the pain. It happens mostly when the ankle is rolled or twisted while doing the vigorous workout. It can even happen when the person falls, walk or land somewhere improperly.
  • Leg injuries sometimes result in feeling pain in the ankle part. Severe injury can even weaken the ankle thus the person is unable to walk steadily. Ankle injuries experienced by sportspersons, older people and over-weighted individuals sometimes result in suffering from severe ankle pain when they walk or move their legs.
  • Infection of the foot even results in ankle pain. The inflammation of the ankle joint may be because of infection by harmful bacteria and fungus.
  • Arthritis even causes ankle pain which is sure a discomfort to walk freely.

The other causes are gout, torn tendon, flat foot, Bursitis and fracture of leg or ankle. Immediate treatment helps to avoid complications thus visit your nearby podiatrist as soon as possible. Stem cell therapy for foot injuries has proven to be quite successful in treating severe ankle pain and health problems.

When to seek immediate medical attention for ankle pain?

  • Your paining ankle seems to be swollen.
  • You can visualize the redness of the skin, its tenderness to touch and feel intense pain.
  • Open wound of the leg causing pain in the ankle part.
  • You aren’t able to walk properly because of continuous ankle pain.

The skilled podiatrist before suggesting stem cell therapy for foot injures would do a CT scan, X-ray and MRI. In case, the pain is because of any infection then the podiatrist will suggest a biopsy.

Home remedies for less troubling ankle pain:

  • Resting the feet. It always works after coming from a walk or after doing vigorous activities.
  • Ice massage. Swelling of the ankle can be reduced by massaging the part of the ankle with ice. You can do it for half an hour daily till the pain reduces and the swelling vanishes totally.
  • Compression bandage. It helps a lot to control ankle pain. People use the bandage whenever they walk or go out. Some refer to it as a preventive method to keep away ankle pain.
  • Elevating the foot. It helps to always keep your foot on the pillow while you sleep or rest. It helps the blood to flow smoothly to the foot thus the pain declines.
  • Ankle brace: It does help in healing ankle injuries. Podiatrists often suggest using crutches to the wall till the ankle wound gets fully healed.
  • Physical therapy: It helps a lot while continuing to do the exercise till the pain and swelling subside. You can even go on doing the exercise as a preventive method to keep ankle pain at bay.

Stem cell therapy has proven to be one of the treatments for curing ankle arthritis. The ankle healing will be fast and the pain totally reduces helping you to enjoy walking without any discomfort. Even the post-surgery period won’t be problematic and soon you can lead a normal active life with ease.

Over-the-counter purchased medications, topical ointments, pain relief sprays are temporary solutions. Thus, if the pain persists it is beneficial to visit a well-experienced podiatrist. Surgery is the best option for severe pain, infection and to treat ankle injuries.

The stem cell therapy for foot and ankle needs to be supervised by the best podiatrists. Irvine locals can anytime consult Dr. Sima Soltani for getting relief from ankle pain forever.