Metro Vein Centers has a number of locations across the United States. They have offices in four states, namely New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Michigan. The physicians at Metro have treated tens of thousands of patients for varicose veins, spider veins, and other vascular diseases. Free screenings are offered at the Center’s Hackensack, New Jersey location. The office is located at 385 Prospect Avenue. Dr. Jordan Garrison is a staff doctor in Hackensack.

Dr. Garrison Is A Caring Practitioner In Hackensack

Dr. Jordan Garrison, M.D., FACS, FASMBS, is one of Metro’s outstanding vein doctors. He is a board-certified surgeon in the areas of Bariatric, General, and Vascular medicine. His medical career spans over 25 years, and he has a vast amount of surgical procedure experience and educational merit. The doctor is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry at the NJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Upon his graduation in 1982, he attended the UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School. He finished his residency training for General Surgery in 1989. Dr. Jordan Garrison is a specialist in vascular diagnostics and surgical treatments. He completed his Bariatric Surgery Fellowship 12 years ago. Dr. Garrison is affiliated with four hospitals in NJ.

Quality Care Makes All The Difference

Dr. Jordan Garrison is a highly rated doctor with thousands of successful outcomes for his patients. The vein doctor is dedicated to each of his patients, and he provides a level of service that he would expect for himself. He is empathetic and understands that the thought of surgery can make some people feel anxious. That is why Dr. Garrison makes it a point to fully explain the recommended treatments and the recovery process. The feelings of fear and anxiety diminish as patients learn more about Metro’s trusted methods that will help them feel better fast.

The treatments for varicose veins and other vein disorders are performed in the office of Metro Vein Center. Every Center has the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment. The surgical procedures are completely non-invasive, and Dr. Garrison will prescribe the one treatment that is most effective for the severity of the vein condition. There are varying symptoms that accompany varicose vein disease. The patient may suffer from bulging veins and veins that protrude. The legs can feel cramped and restless, and there will be noticeable red and blue spidery veins. Painful symptoms, such as swelling, a nagging throbbing in the leg veins, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, are common complaints expressed by patients suffering from varicose veins and need to conult a vein specialist scottsdale az.

Vein Doctor Garrison will have you feeling better in one day. Laser treatment for varicose veins has been proven effective, and the procedure takes only a matter of minutes. Additionally, it is painless with little or no discomfort. You can experience immediate relief from all of those painful symptoms. The patient’s legs will feel better and look better, too. The recovery time is rapid because there are not any intrusive incisions or residual bruising. The recovery time is usually a few comfortable minutes spent in the office after your procedure. When you leave the office, you can resume your normal activities with no down time. Patients return to work the same day.

The Metro Vein Center in Hackensack is conveniently located near most major NJ highways, including routes 4, 17, 80, 46, the NJ Turnpike, and the Garden State Parkway. They accept Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey, Aetna, and many more insurance plans.