Meditation is the centuries-old practice of clearing and calming the mind in order to achieve and maintain inner peace. It has been practiced in some form in nearly every country and culture in the world. These days it is gaining more and more attention as a means of coping with the stresses and issues of today’s world. However, unlike in ancient times, meditation can now be done practically anywhere. Thanks to Glo meditation online classes, you can download the meditation courses you are interested in onto any electronic device and take them with you anywhere. Feeling stressed out at work? Log on to Glo and enjoy a relaxing 5-10 minute session on your lunch break. Nervous about upcoming finals at school? Head out to the park and log on to Glo from your phone, then choose a relaxation class to help you focus without getting overwhelmed. There are even classes specifically aimed at helping you deal with the trials and challenges of parenthood, and the unpleasant effects of PMS. Glo offers something for everyone and with their 15-day free trial offer, you can see for yourself how easy and effective meditation online can be.

Some of the Glo meditation online courses include:


This meditation technique works with all five of the senses in order to create a calm, blissful mental state. You will learn relaxing breathing techniques that will help to bring the body and the mind into harmony by focusing and freeing the mind of any negative energies.


One of the most popular of the meditation online courses, this method teaches you how to perform a guided mental body scan in order to focus on thoughts and breaths to slow them down and bring about effective relaxation. The technique is done while lying down and can be performed at any time, day or night. Many people like to do it following another class to achieve a deeper, more relaxing experience.


This technique helps you to identify your own natural breathing patterns for the ultimate relaxation experience any time, any place. Learn to follow the paths your breath takes throughout your body and back out again, creating a full-body, breathing awareness experience.


Learn to fully welcome and enjoy each lifegiving breath as it enters and travels through your body, renewing and reviving. Learn the proper way to inhale deeply in order to deliver oxygen to the entire body, completely filling and expanding your back and chest. Feel the completeness of the connection between body and mind as these cleansing breaths do their work.


This unique meditation technique is perfect for releasing feelings of stagnation, of feeling trapped in an emotion or mindset. It brings forth balance or grounding. You will learn ways to bring about change by effectively focusing on the issues that transform and those that are in flux in order to find clarity and resolution.


Learn how to systematically calm and stabilize the mind with this method. By using guided awareness pathways, breath control, and mentally chanting the mantra “SO HUM”, you will train your mind to respond by relaxing into a serene state, releasing any pent-up negative energies and making room for healthy, life-affirming ones.

The Glo online classes are easy to follow along with, and the results are instantaneous. True good health begins with the mind, and by practicing these techniques you will be able to maintain a peaceful and relaxed frame of mind. These classes offer a unique opportunity to customize your meditation experience to fit your lifestyle and schedule, so you won’t miss out on any of the amazing benefits.