This is all about the beauty of your face and the hair adds a lot of good looks to your face. Hair extension is one way to enhance the beauty and smart looks. Hence you should know all about the extension of hairs. They are of different types and come in various styles and fashionable colors. So the gist of the matter is now you can get any style of hairs and any colors too. The length of the hair can also be altered if you so wish. You would feel good that now the styles are yours to pick and it will definitely add to popularity and some extra stylish selfies for your gang!

Real and synthetic hairs

There are people who would love to know how the best indian hair extensions happen. These tools that one can use to look stunning are made from real human hair. These hairs are mostly collected from different donors. You may hear about Remy hair and that will tell you that the cuticles of these hairs remain with the hair. These are natural hairs but one may also find synthetic hairs for extension. These are made with various types of fiber and have got no real hair parts in them. There are various units that manufacture these plastic fibers to replace real hair.

Using different extensions

Remy extension – Go for quick styling with Remy extensions if you do not have a lot of time to style your hair or maintain a long hair. You can keep your own hair short and thus keep away from a lot of hassles of maintaining long thick tresses. When you need you just go to your stylist and wear in an extension that suits you.

Tape-in hair extensions – These are small tufts of hair with sticky adhesive on one side. These are put on with the adhesive and you won’t need any special tools for using these extensions. The actual hair portion remains in the middle with the help of adhesive strips and then the extensions are used for you to look ravishing. If you have thin hair, you can use tapes on one side and let the extension add volume to your hair.

Weave extension – This one is another form of extension of hairs. The natural hair is braided first and then at the end the extension is attached with thread and needle. This one is mostly used for people who have thick hair and still want extension. The method needs more hair and hence thin hair will not be useful. This is a lengthy process but has technical usability. This is the reason the hair dressers use this method for better extension application.

Micro link extensions – These are so called for the beads or loops that are used in this method. The natural hairs are used to loop and then the extensions are placed in through the loop. Then a special clamp is used to fix it. These are fixed to small lump of natural hair and heat is used to set the metal rings around the extension.

So now if you are eager for best indian hair extensions you can choose the style and the method as per your hair condition and as per the time available to you.