What is more beautiful than a bride? A bride with a natural looking, sun kissed glow about her from head to toe.

What if the bride has not had any sufficient exposure to the sun to get this sun kissed look? Well, that’s simple; the answer would be a bridal airbrush tan.

What are the advantages of getting an airbrush tan? For the obvious reason, lack of time. In order for a person to get the same (or similar) tanning effect of an airbrush tan they would have to spend either hours in a tanning bed or expose themselves to several hours of harmful ultraviolet rays sunbathing outdoors. Even then they run the risk of sunburn, which can take several days to heal, and also may result in the skin peeling (depending how severe the sunburn is) which is an overall unattractive look for a bride who wants to look her very best.

With a salon perfect bridal airbrush tan from Gotham Glow, a bride can look her most beautiful for her special day.

Some factors to consider that are in favor of a bride getting an airbrush tan are:

  • The solution used by Gotham Glow is much more high quality than other tanning solutions which can create a too bronzed or orangey tan. Loaded with many nutrients and vitamins, which will nourish the skin and can even possibly prevent that sunburn from getting to the peeling stage.
  • The way the tan is applied makes all the difference, and the professional airbrush technicians at Gotham Glow know the exact poses you need to stand in to get the adequate amount of solution applied to each area of your body.
  • There’s only one chance to get it right for your wedding album. A Bridal Airbrush Tan is just the way for you to get it right and truly stand out in your wedding pictures.
  • Brides go through a lot of time and expense trying to get their hair and makeup just right, however, makeup is known to smear and rub off and even get on the wedding dress possibly staining it. With a spray on tan, there is no need for a lot of makeup and it doesn’t rub off.
  • Not only brides get a bridal airbrush tan. It is not uncommon for the entire bridal party to get an airbrush tan. Every bride wants their wedding party to look their very best as well for the occasion.
  • If swimming in a chlorinated pool is avoided, as well as beauty treatments that exfoliate the skin, your bridal airbrush tan may last the entire honeymoon. Which is a big bonus as far as having an improved confidence and intimacy, which are all affected by having a tan.

The whole idea behind getting an airbrush tan for your wedding is to compliment one’s natural beauty and appearance; not hide it beneath an orangey or streaked looking artificial tan created by some of the drugstore self-tanning lotions available that are anything but natural looking.