With the start of the New Year, many individuals have made resolutions to get into better shape, and whether you’re looking to lose pounds, or determined to build strength, working out at a local gym may be just the right solution. Read on for 5 motivation tips to help you keep hitting the gym in 2018!

  1. Find a reputable gym that offers the type of equipment or exercise classes that best suit your needs. Some gyms operate with memberships – these can be fine if you can afford it, and you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will make the most out of your membership. Then there are pay-as-you-go gyms (more on that below), which are a great alternative if you want to get back to working out without the burden of a pricey contract. But regardless of what type of gym you choose, visit the gym personally to determine if it would be a good fit for your intended workout routine. Make sure to find out the hours of operation and times that desired classes are taught. When trying a new gym, ask about all of the gym’s offered services.
  2. Decide on a fitness routine. The best gyms have staff members and fitness experts that can help you figure out an appropriate fitness routine. These individuals offer terrific insight into the best exercises and accompanying machines to use and do, and are able to show you the correct way to exercise without getting hurt.
  3. Consider a pay as you go gym instead of a traditional membership. These gyms only require payment when you go to the gym, meaning that there’s no looming pressure from a gym contract. This is a great option for individuals whose schedules vary month to month, and are uncertain if they will get the most out of a traditional membership. If you have access to a home gym or are planning to get outdoor exercise, pay-as-you-go gyms are a great way to supplement that regimen without breaking the bank.
  4. Go online to look up fitness routines ideally suited to your desires, likes and specific scheduling time frames, and then write down your personalized exercise routines. Realizing that there is no one-routine-fits-all for working out is the first step in realizing your personal fitness goals this year.
  5. Exercise with a friend to boost motivation. Many Toronto individuals that start an exercise routine end up stopping due to boredom or after exercise fatigue – for this reason, it is best to find an exercise buddy that has the same goals for getting into shape. If a friend is not available during your scheduled exercise sessions, consider joining some type of aerobic exercise class, which will give you that same “public pressure” push. Most gyms offer various classes from stationary bike routines to dance lessons or step aerobics workouts; just choose a class or exercise format that’s appealing to you. Having others counting on your presence ensures accountability and fun competition.

There you have it: with these five motivation tips, you’ll be able to keep your New Year’s fitness goals all throughout the year, and at the end of 2018, you’ll have a fitter, happier you to show for it!