As a top-selling shoe, the Nike Huarache, is known for its chunky heel strap. First debuting in 1991, this Nike shoe featured a forward-thinking design. It was so different than it stood out from the back and caught a lot of interest that has continued in the 2010s. The rise in Nike Huarache popularity was a slow burn, but a trend was recognized as well as a renewed interest that makes this a must-have shoe for sports shoe enthusiasts.

Why You Should Buy a Pair of Nike Hurache Shoes

The shoe features a snug fit that makes the experience of wearing it comfortable. It features an upper neoprene mesh material that contours to the feet. The shoe run true to size and are lightweight and fold easily to fit in a travel bag. The Huarache comes in many colors and suits a variety of different outfits.

Huarache has air-sole cushioning that makes them extremely comfortable and durable. They also offer shoe ventilate with their three-layer mesh and perforated foam upper, which makes them more breathable than other comparable sports shoes. They’re also available in a variety of sizes, making them great for any member of a family. This extremely-light shoe is great for the gym, the track and even the basketball court.

The only downsides mentioned about the shoes by users is that they can be difficult to clean and some experienced having too much room in their toe box.

When you’re looking to purchase new sports shoes, opt for a pair of nike huarache for men or for women. Nike Huarache shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit anyone’s preference.