Ever come back from a day at work feeling tired and overworked? What if you experience physical pain or injury? Or have a chronic condition that affects your overall health? You might need different doctors to treat you. But did you know there’s a branch of manual therapy that can help you address many symptoms of illnesses? It’s called osteopathy in Singapore.

An osteopath in Singapore is a person who provides manual therapy to improve your overall health. It involves the manipulation of your bones, muscles, and joints to ease pain and improve the circulation of your systems. Osteopathy might be just the therapy you need.

What should you expect from your first osteopathy session? Here are some top tips to get you started.

  1. Inform your practitioner about your medical history. Before a session, your osteopath will ask you about your medical condition and history. Inform them about any past surgeries, accidents, illnesses, or any type of medication or treatment you are taking.
  1. Wear appropriate clothing. Much like visiting a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, you might want to wear loose or comfortable clothing as you will be examined for any injuries. During the session, you may also be asked to remove clothing that’s in the way.
  1. Discuss or research your osteopathy treatment. If possible, research your treatment beforehand to know more details about how the osteopath is handling your condition. You’ll know exactly what you’ll get out of your treatment.
  1. Plan for future sessions. You’ll likely need to come in for multiple sessions to treat pains and other health conditions. Plan follow-up treatments, things you need to do at home, and more.

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