Having stretch marks are natural before, during and after pregnancy. However, there are some ways to care for it if you want to heal it. Before going to the tips on how I cure my pregnancy stretch marks, here are my sentiments regarding whether or not I hate my stretch marks.

Do I Hate My Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy is beautiful; for me, it is the most fantastic thing I ever did in this universe. From changing or switching moods due to pregnancy hormones down to the delivery of my beautiful baby, it is something that I can never replace. My stretch marks are proof of my battles during pregnancy, and I love everything about it. I found no reason to hate it because it was something my baby gave me while she was still inside my tummy.

However, I still get anxiety and insecurities about my pregnancy stretch marks. Though it is a massive part of my pregnancy journey, I hoped I could find a way to heal it. I don’t want it to be gone forever; as I’ve said, it is a trademark of carrying my baby for nine months, but I want to lighten it at least. So, I looked for some ways.

Nonetheless, I hope you understand that caring for the healing of your stretch marks does not equate to your hating on them. It is simply another form of self-care while keeping the remarkable memories of having it.

With these few sentiments regarding my pregnancy stretch marks, I will share how I heal my pregnancy stretch marks.

3 Ways I Healed My Pregnancy Stretch Marks

1. I use oil to massage my tummy.

After massaging my tummy softly, I rub an ample amount of oil into the palms of my hands. Then, I spend about two minutes in the area where I have stretch marks, reapplying oil as necessary.

2. I work out to tone my muscles and skin.

When I was still pregnant, I did some light exercises. I believe that repairing stretch marks after pregnancy is possible with exercise, which is to be, in fact, both enjoyable and effective! My tummy, hips, and thighs can benefit from strengthening activities like walking and yoga.

I recommend doing some simple and light muscle-strengthening exercises for faster healing. It also tightens loose and stretch-marked skin and effectively treats the divarication of recti.

Diastasis rectus is a common condition in pregnant women or those who have recently given birth. It is where the recti muscles separate due to stretching during pregnancy.

I am doing some short walks and yoga as I still make it a clear point to myself not to do so much as it could badly affect my health. Opting for lessening or lightening my stretch marks will not happen overnight, so I must take it slow and lightly.

3. I use ice to calm the inflammation of my stretch marks.

Stretch marks can look worse due to inflammation and swelling brought on by tiny scars. I apply some ice to my stretch marks to soothe the pain and lessen the swelling and inflammation.

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